Exercise #145 : "Wobbly"

Make a list of things that are wobbly.

Well, ok then! 1,2,3, GO!
  • jello
  • Santa Claus's stomach
  • pudding
  • hair gel
  • a baby deer
  • anything in baby form, really
  • specifically things with long, spindly legs... like giraffes!
  • Gak! - Do you guys remember this stuff??? (pictured right)
  • a kid's first bicycle ride
  • a warped record
  • those punching balloons with the rounded bottoms that wobble back to standing no matter how hard you hit them
  • for some reason I keep thinking of a chicken's wattle... or maybe a turkey's

And there you have it. My list of wobbly things.

Can you think of anything else?



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