Time Elasticity

Exercise #142 : "Time Elasticity"

List 10 situations / activities that make time go slow (i.e. sitting in a dentist's chair). Then list 10 situations / activities that make time speed up. Once you have your lists, go back and notate which are the slowest and the fastest. See if sometime today or soon you can use these in your writing.

As an impatient person, I know a great deal about things that make time seem to crawl at a glacial pace, but I'll be hard-pressed to elaborate about things that make time speed ahead. We shall see.

All ahead full!

Things That Make Time Slow Down:
  1. a really bad day
  2. waiting for test results at the hospital
  3. waiting for the results of a competition
  4. waiting in general for something to happen
  5. laying in bed with insomnia
  6. having a really awkward conversation where most of the time is spent thinking of things to say to keep the silence from deadening my brain
  7. having a conversation with one of the Kardashians
  8. watching "Repo: The Genetic Opera"
  9. doing chores
  10. doing homework / studying
Things That Make Time Speed Up:
  1. having a good time
  2. sleeping
  3. having a lot of things to do
  4. taking a well-deserved break (they never seemed to last long enough)
  5. going on vacation
  6. surfing the internet / checking facebook
  7. watching a movie
  8. performing in a show
  9. deadlines
  10. caffeine
And the winners are...... Drum roll, please!

laying in bed with insomnia


And there we have it! Can you think of anything else? I was starting to run out of ideas at the end of each list.

In other news, I went and saw Date Night on Saturday night with a close friend of mine. Expect a review soon! :)



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