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Red, Yellow, Blue, & More

Exercise #141 : "Red, Yellow, Blue, & More"

This exercise is to strengthen your ability to visualize colors and objects. Name a red object (i.e. a red wagon or a cherry). Name a yellow object, a blue object. Go through all of the following colors: lavender, orange, pink, brown, black, white, turquoise, silver, gold, purple, orange, raspberry, magenta, green, and then add at least three more colors of three more objects.

When I was in elementary school, I had an art teacher - Mrs. Henderson - who would cycle through a particular list of colors whenever we were getting too loud in class. She had a really thick southern accent, so everything came out sounding hilarious to us, and I still mimic her to this day.

"Muhjintuhhhh," she'd begin. "Shartroooooze... Fyooooooshuhhhh..." and we'd all close our mouths and attend to our current artwork in progress.

I don't know why, but it always stuck with me. That and the fact that when she said kiln (for when we worked on pottery) it always sounded like she was saying "kill." Kind of scary for an elementary school kiddo. Killer kiln on the loose!! Everyone duck and cover!

Anyways, GO!!
  • red - a fire engine
  • yellow - the sun or a daffodil
  • blue - the sky or the water in the Bahamas
  • lavender - um... lavender!
  • orange - a basketball
  • pink - a kitten's nose
  • brown - a brown recluse or wood
  • black - a black widow ... ooh, scary
  • white - the doors and windows of my house
  • turquoise - an Indian bead
  • silver - all of my rings and jewelry, really
  • gold - my Mom's wedding ring
  • purple - a king's robes
  • raspberry - the pimp's disco-tastic leisure suite from by my apartment in New York
  • magenta - 80's lipstick
  • green - my eyes!
  • chartreuse - 80's prom dress
  • burnt umber - umm... burnt... umber?
  • cerulean - one of my favorite shirts... yummy
  • fuchsia - this flower ----->

Yay for pretty pictures. :)

Can anyone else think of other things to correlate with these colors? Or can you think of other colors?

Off to do some homework. Have a lovely day!



Murr Brewster said…
"Kiln" IS pronounced Kill. Glad you didn't take it to heart, though.
Stef Howerton said…
hahaha Really? Well, you learn something new every day! :)

Thanks for the comment! :)

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