Exercise #143 : "Foyer"

Make a brief list of adjectives and nouns to describe each of the following foyers:
  • of an elderly society lady
  • of a college football player
  • of a convention center
  • of a funky city bookstore specializing in poetry
  • of a model condominium unit being marketed to hip yuppies
Here's an example:
foyer of a young painter - bright; yellow paint splashes; shiny; inflatable cherry red rhinoceros; dirty old tennis shoes; dog's tennis ball; smell of turpentine

1,2,3, GO!

Elderly society lady - rich colors, knick-knack shelves filled with tiny penguins and other various miniature animals, gold umbrella holder with three or four umbrellas, mahogany coat rack, shiny hardwood floor

College football player - trophy case with a bunch of trophies, "Go team!" banners, a bit messy, scuffed tile flooring, dirt / mud tracked in the first few feet, pair of worn tennis shoes with grass stains

Convention center
- terracotta tiling, stainless steel railings on stairwells, lofty ceilings, huge windows, extremely large space

Funky city bookstore
- black and white photographs with price tags, bright colored walls, low ceiling, tight quarters, antique floor runner

Model condo
- clean lines, minimalist furniture, un-lived-in feeling, perfectly placed lily in a glass vase, tasteful yet generic photos of landscapes

That's it for now. I'm kind of short on time today, so this one will have to be a bit short. :)



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