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Date Night: A Review

First and foremost, this movie is hilarious. Go see it. Secondly,

Steve Carell + Tina Fey = Comedy GOLD

That's all you need to know.

Just go see it, ok?

Now on to my review, but I guess you know how it's going to go.

Originally, I hadn't really wanted to see the movie. The previews made it look like a cutesie little movie that had a few funny lines and various predictable hyjinks, but as the story progressed I found myself nearly falling out of my chair in gales of laughter.

My first question is this: why on earth did no one think to put these two together before now??? They feed off each other so well, and I honestly am a little offended that I have been deprived of this unique comedy duo for so long.

But anyways, let's talk about the actual movie. Phil Foster (Carell) and his wife, Claire (Fey), are a married couple from an upper-middle class suburban neighborhood in Jersey, and they seem to have hit a rut in their marriage. It also doesn't help that their close friends are getting a divorce, saying that they are the world's best "roommates" instead of being an actual marred couple. The Fosters are feeling a bit worried about their own marriage as a result, so they plan an impromptu night on the town starting with a swanky New York bistro that has an extremely long waiting list. They arrive at the restaurant to find that they won't be eating there without a reservation, so when they hear, "Tripplehorn, party of two" repeated over an over by the hostess they sieze the opportunity and take the reservation.

Unfortunately for them, however, they have unwittingly stepped into a mob plot, and their dinner is interrupted by a duo of dirty cops under the employ of the local mob boss, Joe Miletto (Ray Liotta). The couple has impersonated the cops' target, the Tripplehorns, who are a husband and wife team (Franco, Kunis) that have a scan-disk filled with political secrets.

The Fosters escape, of course, and the rest of the night is spent running from the thugs, driving (and also destroying) luxury cars, searching for the elusive Tripplehorns, etc.

Oh, and there's also this:


Moving on...

I won't tell you the end - because it's actually pretty clever - but you should most definitely stop on by to your local movie theater and have a looksie. In my personal opinion, I think the money for a ticket is worth it, but if you're fiscally minded you're free to wait until it comes out on DVD or a friend of yours buys it. At any rate, it's really good and sure to be entertaining.



Unknown said…
I just watched this, last night on DVD, and you were right - it's hilarious! Tina + Steve = amazing!

PLUS, Marky Mark shirtless + a shimmering of sweat highlighting his incredible body = a trip to the store to purchase said DVD.

You've got great components on this blog!!

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