Chocolate Cake

Exercise #144 : "Chocolate Cake"

Do this exercise either for yourself or for a character. What memories does "chocolate cake" evoke?

1,2,3, GO!

I love chocolate cake. Probably too much. It's just... so good! Before I get a serious craving, I should probably just get going with this exercise.

Here's the problem, though: I have had so many chocolate cakes in my lifetime that I cannot possibly even begin to whittle down the memories tied to each. So... I'm going to go with Natalie, my main character from the WIP that is currently on hiatus.

Natalie's first taste of chocolate cake was when she turned 2. Her mother made it especially for her. As far as memories go, this one is more of just an image of her mother walking into the dining room holding a slice of cake with a lit candle.

Later chocolate cake memories have more of a cinematic approach, but, like me, Natalie doesn't really have any memories tied to chocolate cake other than that first image. It reminds her of a time when things were simple and easy. Her mother was healthy, her father was happy, and she was blissfully ignorant.

Um... I've drawn a blank. Shoot. Ah, well. You'd think that my love for cake would inspire some brilliant writing, mais non!


I've gotten all my stuff together for next semester, and I should be taking 14 hours. Woot. That's amazing, huh? I mean, I haven't taken that few hours since I started college (including the 2 years in New York at AMDA)!

That being said, however, it may jump up to 17 hours, because I might take a creative writing course. We'll see. I have to e-mail the professor to see if it would be a possibility, because I'm not an English major. I would be taking it for funsies, so maybe there's a way for me to audit the class. I'll let you all know. The prospect is exciting, though. :) I've really liked my writing class this semester, and I've gotten to stretch my writing legs quite a bit.

Anyways, it's time to head off here. I'm watching Persepolis in the next couple of days and will have a review for you guys later next week. We're reading the book in my writing class, so I decided to watch the movie again. I saw it when it came out in theaters and liked it a lot, but until this semester I hadn't thought about it again. It really is an excellent story about a young girl growing up in Islamic Iran. If you haven't seen the movie or read the book, I highly recommend it.

Also, my eye is healing quite nicely, and my neck has lost a lot of the stiffness. Thank you all for your kind comments.




Dork Vader said…
Crap. I saw the image on my blogger dash, and I knew I was in for a chocolate cake craving. *drools*
Crap again. I was going to say something, I think, but now all I can think of is something deliciously bad for me.

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