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Wedding Plans & My Thoughts On Feminazism

Exercise #137 : "Wedding Plans"

Betty's mom, who has big ideas, meets with the wedding planner. Write the scene with (all or mostly) dialogue. Keep in mind that the best dialogue usually shows character, mood, relationship, and/or conflict.

Why is Betty's mom and not Betty meeting with the wedding planner?? Call me crazy, but if I were getting married, I'd definitely want my mom involved, but - and I love my mom - I tend to disagree with her style choices. I must make sense of this, though, before I begin.

Betty is multitasking. While she is meeting with her hairdresser, she has sent her mother to meet with the wedding planner. They already have a feel of what she wants her wedding to look like, so her mother can't make any drastic changes.

Yeah... Let's go with that, shall we?

1,2,3, GO!!!!

Donna, the Wedding Planner: Hi, Mrs. Davis! It's lovely to see you! How are you?

Mother of the Bride: Hello, Donna. I'm well. And yourself?

D: I'm doing wonderfully, thank you. (She pulls out her files) Alright, was there anything you wanted to address specifically today?

MoB: Yes, actually. I know that my daughter expressed an interest in having lilies in her bouquet, and I wanted to alter that slightly.

D: Ok. What would you like to change?

MoB: I want to take the lilies out of the bouquet.

D: Did you speak with Betty about this?

MoB: Yes, I did.

D: (hesitantly) And she was ok with this?

MoB: No, she wasn't, but I am paying for this wedding. Elizabeth understands that.

D: Did you find a compromise with her that you both agreed on?

MoB: We decided that it would be best to keep everything else the same. Just no lilies.

D: (writing notes furiously in her notebook) Anything else?

MoB: The color palette is all wrong.

D: How so?

MoB: Elizabeth doesn't realize that pink washes her out. Not only that, but it's one of those colors that reeks of submission.

D: I'm sorry?

MoB: Submission. Having pink in her wedding is sending the message to her future husband that she is fine with being an obedient housewife. You understand, surely.

D: I can't say that I do.

MoB: Either way. The pink must go.

D: I don't feel that -

MoB: Am I paying for this, or aren't I?


Oooh, what a meanie! In my opinion, though, weddings are overrated. Let's just head to the Justice of the Peace, have a quick wedding, and then have a big-ass party later on! :) I'd be all ofr that!

Enough of that business. Weddings make me nervous... that is, unless it involves Matthew McConaughey and Jennifer Lopez. Honestly, if The Wedding Planner involved Matthew McConaughey all by his onesies, I'd still watch it. The man is scrumptious, even if his arms are alarmingly short. I think it's the accent. Yummy. There really is nothing better than a well-mannered southern gentleman. Seriously, they get me going. Bigtime. There need to be more of them in the world.

Of course, it's the raging feminazis that are slowly extinguishing this breed of wonderful male.

"No!" the woman in the power suit yells as she approaches the door that has been graciously opened by the man in front of her. "I can open the door myself, thank you!" She sneers as she waits for the man to close the door, a bewildered look on his face. Once it has finally shut, she approaches the door and opens the door herself and enters.

I saw this a shocking amount of times while I lived in New York, and each time it boggled my mind. What would this woman have done if a woman had held open the door for her? I hold doors open for people behind me, and I'm a woman. It's an issue of common courtesy, not of gender. Of course, if a guy holds a door open for me, he tends to get extra kudo points from yours truly, and I have a friend who has called me an enabler for that. I like it when a guy holds open doors for me, and I'm an enabler?? If I'm enabling genteel behavior, then yes! I admit it! I am an enabler!

Don't get me wrong. I am all for women's rights. We should get paid the same amount for doing the same job as a man, and when a woman decides that her place is not in the kitchen, more power to her. On that same note, if a woman decides that she wants to be a stay-at-home Mom, then good for her, too!

I hate that men are getting such a bad rap. Sure, they can be awful, but so can women. It's a double-edged sword, and I think that the raging feminazis have lost sight of that.

Well, that was a nice little rant, wasn't it? What do you guys think?


P.S. I'm going to see Shutter Island tonight. I'll fill you in on my thoughts later.


Beth said…
That's the best way of putting it I've heard in a long time. I'm also all for women having equal rights and opportunities, but I love when a guy opens a door for me.
hmmm, I think I shall put my official opinion down as
"I like it when guys decide to be extra nice."
I think that says it in a nut shell. :D
Jamie D. said…
Really? Women get mad when guys hold the door? Talk about an overreaction...

Guys are welcome to open doors for me anytime, and so are other women, for that matter (I hold doors for whoever happens to be behind me). I agree, it's just common courtesy.

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