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The Character's Car: Inside & Out

Exercise #138 : "The Character's Car: Inside & Out"

Take 1 or 2 of the following characters and describe in specific detail what their car would look like, inside and out. Try to avoid stereotypes. The trick is to create a deep sense of character by describing only their car.
an unsuccessful painter
a rock musician who will soon get famous
a high school senior about to flunk out
a gym teacher with an attitude
a Christian fundamentalist who works at a Walmart
a nun
a businessman with a serious drug addiction
a gay but closeted construction worker
a yo-yo dieter
a paranoid schizophrenic
a cleaning woman who just won the lottery
a former Enron executive who has just been sentenced to hard time
1,2,3, GO!!

a rock musician who will soon get famous
This rock musician - let's call him... Clyde -owns a 1982 Buick LeSabre with faded, cherry-red paint. It used to be a nice-looking car - albeit a bit boxy - with chrome trimmings and fresh color, but over the years lack of money has made maintenance on the vehicle nearly impossible. The worn tires have a faded, white line encircling the bare circle where hubcaps used to be. Inside, the leather seats have been stitched and patched within an inch of their lives, but it's generally cleanly. A bag or two from fast food restaurants lay on the floorboard of the passenger seat, and a medium McDonald's cup rests in the cup holder with severely watered-down coke inside it.

The dashboard holds a picture of his family. They appear to be a close-knit group from the photo; everyone is smiling with their genetically similar teeth and cheeks. It is the picture that boasts tried and true American dream: a mother, a father, 1 son, and 1 daughter. Not only that, but they even have a dog.

In the backseat is a Marshall Mini-Amp which, unlike everything else in his car, looks to be in pristine condition. Other than that, however, the back seat is empty.

His trunk holds his guitar when he's not using it (which is rare) and a box of demo cds. It also contains notebooks upon notebooks of song lyrics - penned by himself.

Well, that's that. I was planning on doing a second one, but the soon-to-be-famous rocker took a lot more time than I had thought it would. It also doesn't help that my roommate is playing Batman: Arkham Asylum (see my review HERE) in the same room, and I kept getting distracted. But I guess that's my own fault for sitting on the couch and attempting to write something poignant and so on...

To those of you who gave me advice on yesterday's post, I thank you. I'm still not entirely sure what I'm going to do about it, but I think the best course of action at this point in time is to sit back and enjoy having fun with someone without making it all awkward by overthinking and analyzing. It's a fault of mine that I'm learning needs to be addressed, and I think I'm doing ok with it. Of course, if you were to go look at my journal, you might think that I have obsessed over the matter, but ah, well... At least I'm not obsessing inwardly about it and holding all of that tension inside!

At any rate, thank you.



Judy said…
The nun's car is a no frills, no air conditioning, no power windows, white Hyundai. The salesman at the dealership is still stunned that it sold. He was never sure why they even had the car on the lot. She paid cash for the car after negotiating an even lower price.

The car didn't come with cup holders so she fashioned one out of a cardboard cup holder you get at the drive through and secured it with duct tape. Someone gave her the cup holder since she never buys fast food. The duct tape is still in the glove box since it is functional.

There are no bobble head religious symbols on the dashboard. That would be a bit much. There are some maps for the city in the glove box since she visits the poor and homeless. She gets them free from AAA. A concerned friend bought the membership for her one Christmas.

There is a sack lunch on the passenger side floor. The food came from another friend who regularly gives her left overs.

She carries a case of generic sodas in her trunk. She drinks them in the summer even though they are hot and flat. There is a winter emergency kit donated by another friend.

There is nothing in the car that personalizes her home on the road. The car reflects the efficiency apartment where she lives...spartan, clean and functional.

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