Who Are You?

I'm taking a moment to stray from my list of writing exercises to introduce you guys to a really interesting writing prompt to which my writing teacher introduced me.

The idea is simple:

A writer who knows himself is better than a writer who does not. So who are you? Be completely honest. Write however you want, be it poetry, prose, or screenplay style. Just get it out.


I am a work in progress.
A child of God theologically
Of a surgeon and a nurse practitioner biologically
A musician first, opera singer second
An actor and dancer
I'm 22 - no - 23; sometimes I forget
I am incredibly forgetful.

I am a work in progress.
A hopeless romantic
"Someday my prince will come"
... maybe?
Perhaps I'm a cynic
A quippy, quick-witted chick who isn't afraid of hearing the truth
Or telling it.

I am a work in progress
I am not perfect
I've long since given up trying to be
I must constantly remind myself that perfection is impossible in this world
Otherwise I get overwhelmed and lost
I am ok with being imperfect
I am ok with being a work in progress.


So that was what I turned in. Woohoo. I actually had a lot of fun with it. I don't know if I would consider this to be poetry, but it's different. Different from anything I've written before. Yay for exploration!

So tell me. Who are you?



brokenbiro said…
You are indeed a fine work in progress, Stef.
I wrote something like this a few years ago - listing snapshots of what I was doing at provocative moments in my life, how one person is made up of many disparate 'selves':
I am in the newsroom, searching for the right headline about a dead boy
I am pissing under a brilliant moon in the desert
I'm pretty sure no-one believed any of it, but it felt good to do it!
Jen said…
How fun!!! I love to see what people really think about themselves... it's really great too!!!

I'm constantly confused, but keeps me creative
Lost in the world that not everyone is invited in
My memory comes and goes, but the most important thoughts stay
I am closest to my mom, I love her dearly
I over-exaggerate on a regular basis
I tend to let people walk all over me, and only get frustrated behind the scenes rather than telling them to stop.

Happy Hump Day!
Stef said…
Thanks for your comments, guys! Those are really good! :)

@brokenbiro - You're right. Who cares if they didn't believe you? You wrote it out, and that's all that matters!

@Jen - Happy Hump Day to you as well!

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