Ten Places, Ten Sounds

Exercise #128 : "Ten Places, Ten Sounds"

For Proust, the scent of a madeleine evoked an entire novel. In this exercise, think "sounds." First, list ten places. Any places will do (i.e. your living room, the Tiki Room, whatever pops into your head). After you have listed those ten places, for each one, list the first sound that comes to mind. Once you have all ten places and sounds, circle the pair that you find most intriguing. Then start writing.

  1. my bedroom - the gentle whir of the space heater (gotta love living in an old, drafty house)
  2. the bathroom - the drip, drip, drip of a leaky faucet
  3. the unfinished basement - the clanging of my unbalanced washing machine
  4. my back yard - traffic from the nearby interstate
  5. the Wilson Music Building's (Belmont School of Music) downstairs hallways - dozens of pianos, voices, and other various instruments cacauphonizing (So I just made that word up. What of it?).
  6. my Grandmother's house - intense, body shaking snores
  7. my shower - some of the best singing I will ever do
  8. Green Hills YMCA - a woman yapping on her cellphone about her latest attempt to "go green"
  9. the corner of the I-65 South off-ramp and Wedgewood - Dirty Earl (at least that's what I like to call him) jabbering about how the sun is too bright on a cloudy day
  10. Disney World - the happiest laughter known to man
You know, I have yet to read In Search of Lost Time (ISoLT) by Proust. It's supposed to be this absolutely brilliant novel, and I haven't read it. Not good. My only problem is that it's so long. I mean, I can't say much against that - The Count of Monte Cristo is my favorite book after all - but The Count pales in comparison to ISoLT in regards to length.

"Surely you jest, Stef!" you exclaim. "Pales in comparison? I won't believe it!"

It does, though! While The Count is a measly 1100+ page book, ISoLT spans over SEVEN volumes. 7! Sept! Sieben! And these volumes are not small, either. In fact, they're rather chunky.

In the end, I do want to read ISoLT before I kick the bucket, but I'll just have to cross the hurdle of holy-crap-that's-a-friggin'-huge-book-itis. I'll get there...



Well, I didn't really do the 2nd part of the exercise, but I'm ok with that today. :) I had fun thinking of the places and attaching sounds to them.

Anywho, I hope everyone has had a glorious day thus far!

How is your writing going?



Jen said…
I never follow all the rules!!! The first part seemed like a ton of fun though!!! I think I might have to steal it from you!

My WIP is going well, just working slowly and trying not to look behind at the moment! I realize I often revise before I even get enough on paper!!! Ahh the many things we have to learn as writers!

Happy Blogging!
dorkvader said…
o_O Woah. SEVEN volumes?!

*cough* anyway. Loved the exercise today, and I may have to steal it for myself as well.

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