Sunshine Award!

Woo woo woo!! I got the Sunshine Award from Jen over at unedited, and I'm super psyched.

Here it is:
See? Ain't it purty??

It took me a while to post this one because, well.... I'm lazy. But it's up now!!! Thanks, Jen!

Now for those to whom I am going to extend this award...
  1. Robin at Zombies & Cream - Holy crap, ladies and gentlemen. If you want a laugh, go here. Not only that, but you're sure to be thouroughly entertained.
  2. Kattrina from 365 Days of Happiness - Her blog is focused on living each day happily, and it serves as a reminder that, as she so eloquently puts it, "although some days are dreary and hard to get through, other days are full of smiles. I'm trying to focus on the smiles."
  3. Sassy from The Sassy Curmudgeon - I've only been following this blog for a little while now (found through Blogger's Blog of Note), but it's excellent. Lots of really fun stuff. Go. 'Nuff said.
  4. Dan Holloway from The Man Who Painted Agnieszka's Shoes - This is a really great, informative blog with tons of helpful information for writers, self-publication, etc.
  5. And finally, Juniper over at We Can All Use a Little More Juju - I'm a little biased because Juniper (aka Jenn) is my sister, but she's pretty witty, and I never miss a post.
Ok, that's all of them! Go visit each one and read at LEAST 2 posts. Seriously. You won't be disappointed. :)



Jen said…
I love seeing the new winners and checking out their blogs!!! Too Fun!!!

Congratulations!! You deserved it :)
Kattrina said…
Wow, thanks Stef!! I love getting awards - it makes me feel so special. You have completely brightened my day! Thanks a million.
Sassy said…
Aw, shucks. My very first award, apart from The Essence of Blackness trophy my roommate once found on the curb outside our house. THANK YOU!

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