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Cliché Conversation

Exercise #129 : "Cliché Conversation"

Using clichés is generally not a good idea, however, why not have a character who uses clichés?

The exercise is this:
Two characters are arguing about where to go for dinner. One spews clichés. The other...?

If you need a few clichés, here's a little menu:
a fine kettle of fish
mad as a wet hen
a marriage made in heaven
beat around the bush
talk in circles
set your teeth on edge
uphill battle
go off half-cocked
hell in a handbasket
talk your ear off
kill two birds with one stone
a whole new ballgame
wet blanket
have your cake and eat it, too

There's also a Cliché Finder that you can use to collect a longer list if you so desire. I think it's pretty neat.


So... so... Wait a minute. I'm supposed to allow clichés to sneak their dirty little ways into my writing? I don't know if I can do that! I mean, it goes against everything I have ever learned as a writer! Surely C.M. Mayo jests!!!

But someone has to see if there is merit in this exercise, don't they? I mean, being that Ms. Mayo is, in fact, published while I, sadly, am not, it surely helps, yes?

I will not be doing this exercise today, however, because I have some intense homework to do. I will have a special little post sometime this weekend, though! :) Actually, it's a couple of posts. So... Woo!

Anyways, time to go do homework like a good little student.



Unknown said…
LOL what a concept... I guess C.M. Mayo seems to think it works so you shall give it a go!!! :)
Guinevere said…
I love this idea! It just sounds fun, and perfect for developing an annoying uncle type character (perhaps I'm basing this purely off my own family experiences, though...)

Stef, I have an award for you on my blog!

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