Exercise #123 : "Suitcase"

How does your character pack his or her suitcase? What's in it? And what does the suitcase look like?


I'm going to do this for my two main characters from my NaNo novel.

Pictured on the left is my MC's luggage. It's a fully functional traveling trunk and has enough space to store several weeks of clothing ranging from evening gowns to casual wear. As far as packing it goes, she doesn't. She has maids at home that do all of the dirty work for her. Honestly, she doesn't really have much of anything to do with the traveling process other than being present. As far as what's in it, there's quite a bit of clothing, of course. She is prepared for any type of event that might occur be it a ball or a day out at the beach. She also has her basic toiletries, etc.

On the right is Pickett's bag. He's a man's man and would use nothing other than a beat up old leather satchel. He's had it for years and has no desire to "upgrade" even though he supposedly has the means to do so. He packs the bare necessities: a pair of pants and a couple shirts, soap, and some socks and underwear. Because he carries so little with him, his packing experience is brief, and he takes each item of clothing, folds it meticulously, and then rolls it into its smallest, neatest form, creating a great amount of space still left over in the bag for anything he might want to take home with him.

And that's that.

I got annoyed with the choices I made for my previously posted NaNo novel opening and rewrote it. In fact, what I have right now doesn't even resemble what I was once so happy about. Ah, well. I guess that's what happens when you write and then edit what you've written. hah I'll post it once I've written a bit more, because I only have a couple short paragraphs. I feel good about it, though.

Is anyone else in the process of editing a work in progress? How do you go about doing it? What's your method?



Jen said…
I wish at times I had a maid who did all the packing for me!

I hate when I edit something because I think it will help, and in the end I result in hating everything I wrote. I don't want to lose the "juice" of the story... so Good Luck and I hope in the end you come up with something you are happy with!

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