New Year's Resolutions - Take 2

I know I already talked about this in a previous post, but I'm going to go a little bit further with my New Year's Resolutions.
  1. Get to a healthy weight (i.e. 170). I'm 5'11," so that's on the top of my healthy weight range, but it will be a start. I'm really sick of getting depressed every time I look in the mirror or go clothes shopping. It's been a constant battle for me since I was a teenager (actually, before that even), and each pound that collects around my thunder thighs and waist makes me feel terrible. Additionally, diabetes runs in my family (I am constantly reminded of this.), and I want nothing to do with that horrible disease. It's time to kick this business in the butt and get a move on with my life. With my schedule, I should have plenty of time to work out for at least an hour a day on weekdays in between classes, and that's always helpful. I just have to stay away from treadmills. Dumb bum knee. :-P At any rate, I'll keep you guys updated on my progress. Wish me luck!

  2. Read the whole Three Musketeers series by Alexandre Dumas. Pretty self-explanatory. I have all of the books but have never read through all of them. As an avid Dumas fan, I am so ashamed. Either way, though, that will change this year!

  3. Make Mostly A's in school. Because of various hindrances I've been slacking a bit on grades for the past few semesters, and my GPA has suffered. It's not too bad, but I want to have a solid 3.5 or more (preferably more) by the time I graduate. Why the sudden school stress? Well, I'll tell you. Just go to #4.

  4. Start looking at graduate schools seriously. Yes, friends. It's that time. Granted, I've got a couple years before I actually attend school for my Masters, but time to start nipping this crap in the bud and making sure I'm on track. Among the schools I'm looking at are Yale ("Woah, Stef! Really? Have you gone nuts??" "Why, yes. Yes, I have. Thanks for asking."), The Curtis Institute of Music, The Cincinnati Conservatory of Music, and John's Hopkins University. Yale and Curtis are on the list mostly because their programs are free. Well, the tuition is free at least, and that would take a big load off.

  5. Read through the Bible in chronological order. Things are on track for this. I've been keeping up with it, so yay for me.

  6. Edit the crap out of my NaNo novel. Simple.
That's pretty much it! I'm optimistic about my success.



Caine said…
That's 6 big ones. Wow.
Anonymous said…
Ok. WOW!!! Those are great resolutions. I personally don't do them, but I give you kudos, girl. :) They are very worthy. :)
Stef said…
They are pretty big ones, aren't they? hah My goals are always lofty. Ah, well... :)

Thanks to you both for your comments!
Mom said…
You can DO ANYTHING you set your mind to do!
Anonymous said…
Good luck. Lots of water and no food after 7 does wonders.

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