Five Words

Exercise #126 : "Five Words"

We all know far more words than we actually use in our writing. Today's exercise is inspired by poet Debora Ager's 5/5/06 entry in her blog, 32 Poems, "Create What You Don't Know." She wrote:
The other night, I sat down to write. I took a glass of water into my study - with its orange walls glowing pink due to a sunset streaming through the western window - and sat down at my desk. I'd recently RE-found my writing notebook and was pleased to find some notes I'd taken on various poems. I wasn't sure what I wanted to write. I decided to incorporate five words I've never used before in a poem. To do this, I quickly scanned the pages of a book I'm reading and came up with "true," "rice," "anecdote," "beam," and "gentle."
What are five words you know but have never used in your writing? Pick up whatever newspaper or book is handy and see what you can find. You may need the whole five minutes just to find these five words. That's ok.

  1. Cyrillic
  2. repeal
  3. transcript
  4. stimulus
  5. parole
So those are my words, and they took approximately........ 4 minutes and 30 seconds to find.

I'd like to think that I use a good portion of my vocabulary when writing, but I'm sure that's not true. I know quite a bit of words and think it would be nearly impossible to use esoteric words like fenestration or abacinate (etc.). I guess that's what happens when you're a bibiophile. We can thank my parents for that. :) And my sister's competitive nature, of course.

Well, that's that. Time to work on homework. Man, I'm tired of school...



Jen said…
How fun Stef! I think I might have to try this out! This evening I might make it my writing exercise!

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