Five Ingredients

Exercise #125 : "Five Ingredients"

Write something - anything - that includes the following five words / phrases:
  • urged
  • when the servant entered with the soup
  • show him the way
  • zeal
  • dead flies
Part of me wants to be snarky and write a single sentence that incorporates all of these phrases, but snarkiness does not make Stefers a better writer. It simply makes her a snarky lady, so let's put the nose to the grindstone.


Mikayla looked out of the window, ignoring the dead flies and ladybugs lying on the windowsill between the screen and the glass. She was waiting for Eric to come, and even though he had said that he would be there she doubted him.

When the servant entered with the soup, she whipped around expecting for it to be him. Realizing that she was mistaken, she morosely returned to the window, her chin perched upon her palm. She had lost all of her zeal because of him, and she would make him pay.

The servant put down the soup and urged her to eat, but she would have nothing of it.

"I'll eat it later," she said. "Just leave it."

Sighing and rolling his eyes, the servant left.

A few minutes later, George, the family butler walked in.

"Miss Mikayla," he said, "There is an Eric here to see you."

Suddenly, her stomach lurched and thrust itself up to her throat. Her face felt like it was on fire.

"Show him the way," she croaked.

In a flurry of anticipation, she jumped up from the window seat and straightened her skirt and hair. At least, she did the best she could without help from a mirror.


I'm not going to lie. I didn't like that one. I mean, I came up with something, but it was like pulling teeth. In fact, it was so difficult that I'm posting this over a day late. Ew. I hope my lovely readers forgive my tardiness.

Anyways, I need to head out, but I'll probably be posting today's exercise in a little bit.

See you on the flip side!!



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