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Both Delicious and Luxurious

Forgive the slight overlook on my part for posting Exercise #115 before #114. Serves me right for not paying attention...

Exercise #114 : "Both Delicious and Luxurious"

in his delightfully wacky Pronoia is the Antidote for Paranoia, Rob Brezsny writes:
The poet Muriel Rukeyser said the universe is composed of stories, not of atoms. The physicist Werner Heisenberg declared that the universe is made of music, not of matter. And we believe that if you habitually expose yourself to toxic stories and music, you could wind up living in the wrong universe..."
So, in order to make a universe a better place, today's exercise is to write a brief sketch - perhaps the beginning of a longer story - that is delicious and luxurious. Begin with the word "even" and include an orange, a hungry baboon, a piano, and an elderly man in a perfectly crisp suit.


Even oranges seemed better outside of the prison walls. Edward Madchen, 76, leaned against the grocery store wall and peeled the golden fruit. The tell-tale perfume floated up to his nostrils, and he took a deep breath, smiling as he remembered the years of his youth that were spent on his parents orange grove in Florida. Those times were simpler, sweeter somehow.

When he was a boy, he and his brother, Garrett, would spend hours in the orchard eating their fill of oranges. Garrett, the hungry baboon that he was, would always eat much more than Edward, but each time they would make a bet to see who could ingest the most. It was not the bet that mattered.

Edward slowly placed an orange wedge into his mouth and bit down gently. The juices erupted from the small sacks encased in the rind, and he was sent into immediate euphoria. A line of juice fell out of his mouth and down his chin, landing on his freshly starched dress shirt, but he didn't care. No amount of the most crisply pressed suits in the world could rob him of this moment.


I have an inkling to go back over this and consider it as an actual story. A Friday Flash Fiction entry, perhaps? We shall see.

I just had a thought. What am I going to do with this blog once the 365 writing exercises are done? Find more writing exercises? There are only so many out there. What would you guys do? Any thoughts? Suggestions?



Beth said…
well, the wonderful Gail Carson Levine ( posts a writing prompt once a week or so. That wouldn't be enough to post everyday obviously, but it's a start
Laura R. said…
Stefanie, I found this website:, and it has another year's worth (almost) of writing exercises. I'm not sure whether this will help or not, because you might have something else in mind entirely (as in for your blog; maybe you want to stop the exercises). However, if you do want to continue, there are those.

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