"What's In Your Kitchen Drawer?"

Exercise #99 : "What's In Your Kitchen Drawer?"

This is a vocabulary expanding exercise - not about using new words, but rather words you already know but seldom use. List the objects in your kitchen drawer(s) - from the spatula to the grapefruit knife to the soup ladle.


I love junk drawers. They're just something great about them. Don't know where something goes? Put it in the junk drawer! Voila! Problem solved! haha Of course, when said drawer becomes full, it's a little difficult to locate some things, but... who cares?! haha

Anyways, on with the exercise.

What's in my junk drawer?
  • various medication - Advil (ibuprofen), Tylenol (acetaminophen), etc...
  • latex gloves (for when I henna my hair)
  • a pair of crab-like pot holders (pictured below left) - We call them the Dr. Zoidberg gloves.
  • an annoying cat toy that makes too much noise when played with
  • a few pens
  • the agitators for an electric mixer
We're pretty boring. haha Everything else is pretty much categorized. If I were to go through the junk drawer in my bedroom, this list would be much, much longer. I may have to introduce you to those drawers at some point in the future. hehe Ah, what torture.

Well, it's time for me to head off here. We're filming Christmas at Belmont this Monday, so I'll be absent until Tuesday, but after that posting should resume as normal.

I have decided, however, that I like this weekend off thing. I think I'll be doing that from now on.

So what's in your junk / kitchen drawer??



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