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Soft Things

Exercise #105 : "Soft Things"

Make a list of soft things.


This should be easy enough, shouldn't it?

  • kitty bellies (Kitty tongues, on the other hand, are the antithesis of soft.)
  • puppies in general
  • stuffed animals, specifically mine
  • a down pillow / comforter combo... mmmm
  • my face after I use an exfoliator
  • freshly shaven legs
  • feather
  • dryer lint
  • the inside of sweatshirts... you know, that fuzzy stuff
  • suede
  • really old leather
  • my hair
  • the beds that the princess slept on in The Princess & the Pea, apparently
  • snow (Can it snow this year in Nashville, please, God??? PLEASE?!?!?!)
  • my sister's red couch
  • Oscar the Grouch (It's a well-kept secret. He doesn't let anyone touch him because the softness would counteract his grouchiness and make him cute, thereby completely ruining his image.)
  • If clouds were actually tangible, I would think they would be soft. Too bad they're just gas and so on...
  • cotton candy
  • bamboo yarn


Well, that was fun. Did I leave anything out?

Before I head off here, I'd like to send out a quick thanks to all of you that read my little intro to my NaNoWriMo novel yesterday and commented / sent me a message with constructive criticism. It feels so wonderful to be included in such a wonderful writing community, and I really appreciate all of you. Thank you so much.



Anonymous said…
you left out marshmallows lol
Anonymous said…
Yu forgot cotton balls har har har
Anonymous said…
U left out cushions, bolsters, tissue papers
Anonymous said…
Flour is so soft when you put your hands in it

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