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My First Spam Comment & Exercise #102

I know that spam comments are a bit annoying, but I was actually really excited to get my first one on this humble little blog here.

In late November (the 24th, to be exact) I posted a writing exercise entitled "Trouble Sleeping." The exercise went as follows:

Here are the names of the characters:
Glenda; Howard; Fecky Hastings; and Asa, the old sheepdog. For each one, in three sentences or less: when and why did each of them begin to have trouble sleeping? How did each one cope (or not cope)?

Well, I received a notification today in my e-mail. You have a new comment on your post: "Trouble Sleeping." I think to myself, Self, didn't you post that a long time ago? Why is someone commenting on it now? So I click on the link, and I come across this:
Looking for the ideal destination over the internet to buy sleep aid pills is not an easy task as some of the websites, pharmacies or drug stores selling sleep aids are proved to be fake stores selling counterfeit sleep aid pills. Therefore, you should be careful while looking for an online store to purchase sleep aid pills and in this regard, it is noteworthy that [INSERT WEBSITE LINK HERE] is a reliable online destination that directs customers to reputed online pharmacies selling genuine sleeping pills.
Now, normally I might be a little perturbed by someone putting spam on my blog, but I actually got a little giddy when I saw that. Now, I don't know what getting a spam comment means as far as the circulation of my blog goes, but I have a feeling that it means more people are looking. That's always a good thing, yes? I'm going to leave the comment up as I feel strangely excited about it, but any others will be removed post haste. :)

Now that I've gushed about my spam comment, let's talk about today's exercise.

Exercise #102 : "Your Desk Speaks Volumes, Possibly"

What exactly is on your desk?


My desk is kind of a war zone right now. I have more pens and pencils than I'm able to count, several notebooks filled with notes and random scribblings, lotion, and a pair of socks. Yes, there is a pair of socks on my desk. Why? Well, I don't really know. Consider them removed...

How about you guys? What do you like to keep on your desks? Do you even write at a desk?



I do precisely on my desk with a lot of messy paper on it. LOL

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Soft Things

Exercise #105 : "Soft Things"
Make a list of soft things.


This should be easy enough, shouldn't it?

Bonjour New Followers! Well met!

Today's post is going to be pretty short, but it's purpose isn't for me to write, but for YOU to write!

Tell me a little bit about yourself! Who are you, from where do you hail, what is your favorite thing about blogging or reading other people's blogs? Tell me anything you'd like!

If you have a blog, don't fear the shameless plug! haha Leave a link in your comment and go visit some of the blogs linked by your fellow commenters.

Speaking of your blogs, I've been going through my list of followers and looking at your blogs. There is some really great content out there! :) Let me just say that I am so humbled that you would be interested in following me and my project. You're all so wonderful, and I can't thank you enough.

So get on with it already! Leave a comment about yourself!

"Purple Things"

Exercise #28: "Purple Things"
What things are purple? Make a list.
EggplantsOne-Eyed, One-Horned, Flying, Purple People Eater (see below)Bruises (sometimes)a REALLY beautiful sunsetElizabeth Taylor's eyes (does violet count?)Barney (I love you, you love me...)GrapesLavendarOrchidsAmethystCabbage (sometimes)Lots of different birdsPlumsVioletsOnionsROYGBIVThat's all I can think of. You know, you don't really notice it, but purple appears quite frequently in nature. When I think nature, my mind immediately imagines greens, browns, and generally all kinds of neutral colors, but purple is everywhere. It's pretty awesome.

Without further ado, the One-Eyed, One-Horned, Flying, Purple People Eater by Sheb Wooley:

Great, huh? I don't remember when I was first introduced to this all-sorts-of-wonderful song, but I'm pretty sure it was care of my Mom. She definitely has provided quite a bit of the humor in my life, and I'm sure she's one of the big reasons…