"Foamy Things"

DUHN DA DAHHHHHHHHH!!! This marks the 100th exercise posted on my lovely little blog here. :) Exciting, right??? School is officially over for the holidays, and I've finished most of my shopping, so I will not be neglecting my 52 week promise as I have been doing for the past week.

It's time to jump back on this wagon!

Exercise #100 : "Foamy Things"

What things are foamy? Be as specific as you can.

  • beer just after it's been poured
  • anything at Starbucks, really - i.e. steamed milk, cappuccino, coffee
  • soap bubbles caused by water agitation while washing dishes
  • styrafoam
  • foam fingers
  • uhhhhhh...
I have no idea. I just sat staring at my computer for 5 minutes. hahaha Oh, gracious, it would seem that I'm out of practice! Must work on it.

Anyways, happy 100th exercise to me! Can anyone else think of any foamy things? I am at a loss...



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