You Are a WINNER!!!

Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah, Hallelujah! HALLEEEELUUUUJAAAAHHHHHH!!!

Congrats and many back pattings for me, for I have won NaNoWriMo on this oh-so-important day of November 26th, 2009 topping out at 52,845 words! Wooooooo!!! The moment could only be improved by streamers and confetti, but sadly I was writing to feverishly to buy any... I'll just throw a few crumpled balls of paper in the air instead. That's good enough, right?

While I reached the 50,000 mark I'm still not done with the plot. In fact, I have a little further to go. I don't care about that, though. I wrote 50,000 words in a month!!!!! Wow! I am so proud of myself. I entered this month with trepidation, but I stuck it out and ended up writing more in one sitting than I have in... ever. Yay!!!! Wooooooooo!

Ok, enough celebration (yeah right!)... When all of you cross the finish line, let me know! I want to celebrate with you! :-D

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!



Hey congrat, Stef. Well done!

Iam at the 38K mark. The end is in site, just don't know how to get there. It will be touch and go...
Laura Eno said…
Congrats! Woot! I finished too. Come on, Alan. The end is in sight for you.
Helen H David said…
Congratulations! I'm making my way to 50k! Hopefully I'll join you across the finish line by the end of the weekend. Must get back to work now. Blogger is so distracting......
GunDiva said…
Yay! Congrats, I knew you could do it! It felt so good when I validated my word count. Isn't it wonderful seeing the bar turn purple? And you finished with time to spare. Good luck to everyone else who is getting close - you can do it!
Deb@RGRamblings said…
Congratulations! Impressive accomplishment!!
Anonymous said…
Congratulations on a truly heroic accomplishment! I am rattling around in the south of France as the only participant and stumbled at 18000. I have decided to have a go next year when we are living in Toronto - no shortage of Starbucks there! All power to you!

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