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"Trouble Sleeping"

Exercise #96 : "Trouble Sleeping"

Here are the nanes of the characters:
Glenda; Howard; Fecky Hastings; and Asa, the old sheepdog. For each one, in three sentences or less: when and why did each of them begin to have trouble sleeping? How did each one cope (or not cope)?

Tick, tock...

Ah, trouble sleeping. I am most definitely not a stranger to this problem. Before I got mono, I would lie in bed for hours before I was able to fall asleep. It was absolutely ridiculous! I'm hoping that, with this new-found easy sleep pattern, insomnia will not rear its ugly head each and every night. Well, let's start with the exercise, shall we?

Glenda - Glenda is a young woman who has just started her political career, and her insomnia began to present itself when she was given the opportunity to join a group of elite politicians who will help her gain a severe amount of clout amongst her peers. She dealt with her sleeping troubles by getting a prescription for a pretty hefty sleeping pill.

Howard - Howard is a duck who began having trouble sleeping when he noticed that the feathers on his backside were thinning. To cope, he begins picking molted feathers from all around and applying them to his butt with gooey mud. It looks iffy, but he's happy.

Fecky Hastungs - Fecky Hastungs started losing sleep when he realized that his name was completely ridiculous. He still hasn't found a solution and cannot sleep, because changing his name would hurt his parents.

Asa, the old sheepdog - Asa is too old to do the same amount of activity that she once used to take part in, so some of her duties have begun to slack which is making her lie awake at night. Squirrels are invading the garden, making tons of noise and mischief, and bunnies taunt her from just outside her dog house.


Enough about insomnia. I don't want to jinx my recent life without it, because sleep is just so wonderful when it's not a hard thing to obtain.

In other news, I am sitting here attempting to type this up with a splint on my right hand middle finger. What happened, you ask? Well, I lived. That's what happened. :) I'm kind of walking chaos, for those of you who don't know. This is old hat for me. Anyways, I was leaving my house today to make my way back to campus for my piano lesson, and as I was shutting the door I think "Oh, crap! I left my keys on my bed!!!" Well, I had turned the the little nob on the handle of the door so that it would lock automatically behind me, so once the door was closed, there was no way back in. So what do I do? I shove my hand between the door and the door frame. Smart, Stef. You guessed it. BOOM! The door cracks against my hand, and I am plunged into an all-enveloping sea of pain. Luckily, the Doc said that I only dislocated my finger, so it will be better in a few days, but it's not pleasant. :-P

NaNo Update!
Still on track for today at just over 42 thousand words. In fact, I'm ahead of schedule. So close!!!! How are you doing (if y0u're taking part in NaNo, of course)?

Time to head off to work. Yes, I am done with school for the week, but being that the business of pet sitting is booming during the holidays I'm set to be working every day, even Turkey Day. That's ok, though. More monies for me.



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JujuJuniper said…
I have a strange desire to go read that email back-and-forth between the car seller and the scam artist.

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