Madelyn Hansley - A Poster Child for Wernicke-Korsakoff Syndrome

More research posts!! :) This one is going to focus on the mental illness of Madelyn Hansley as discussed in THIS character profile. Go look at it to catch up! :)

In that post, I didn't talk about alcoholism, but I think it would be extremely applicable to add that to her list of illnesses. She feels alone and desperate so she self medicates, losing herself in alcohol but effectively numbing the depression.

Wernicke-Korsakoff Syndrome

Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome is caused by a deficiency in thiamine (Vitamin B1) and often occurs in alcoholics, although it can also result from malnutrition, cancer which have spread in the body, abnormally high thyroid hormone levels, long-term dialysis and long-term diuretic therapy (used to treat congestive heart failure). The symptoms of dementia caused by Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome include confusion, permanent gaps in memory, and impaired short-term memory. Hallucinations may also occur.

Ah, what a little research can get you... Very rewarding, and it shows so much about Madelyn. I can't wait until I get to start writing her in my novel. I haven't quite reached that part in my plot yet, but it's going to be friggin' epic. haha

In other news, I've had a bit of a snag today in the NaNo progress. My computer has decided to poop out on me. It's still functional, thank God, but due to a malfunction in the electrical system it's going a little wonky on me. I spent the last several hours talking to a Dell representative in an attempt to troubleshoot the problem away, but it is apparently a hardware issue and won't be fixable until they ship a part to me which won't happen until around 2-3 business days pass. Blargh. So my writing is going to be a bit slow until the problem is resolved, but after that I'll just have to kick it into high gear in order to catch up.

Anyways, it is now 6:30pm, and I must typety-type-type the rest of the night away in order to accomplish any semblance of anything. Oy gewald (pronounced oi geVALT : Yay, Yiddish!)!



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