I Have Added a New Character!!!! Duhn Duhn DAAAAAH!

This is the 6th Character Profile in my NaNoWriMo novel character profile series.

Meet Ruth Harlowe, resident glorified prostitute on board the Spectre, and she has been in love with Captain Eldon Whitlaw since she stepped on board. She was the first woman to take part in the Alternate Transportation Payment Methods Plan (ATPM Plan), offering her body as compensation for transporting her to a nearby system, but when she got there she stayed on board with hopes of maintaining a romantic relationship with Eldon. He, the womanizer that he is, has absolutely no desire to become romantically entangled with this woman, but he does enjoy the benefits he receives from her so he gives her attention while also making sure that she knows he does not want anything serious.

Over the years, her love for him grows stronger even though it is not reciprocated, and, while he does not love her, he does care for her. They have an odd relationship, one that is entirely intimate but skewed. She keeps dreaming that he'll profess his love for her at some point, and he allows her to stay on board because she is his confidante, the one person he feels he can trust beside Pickett Oxford.

Ruth is an incredibly attractive woman with dark auburn hair, tan skin, and an aesthetically pleasing, womanly figure. Her features are stunning: large, dark brown eyes, cheekbones to die for, and full, pouty lips. One might describe her as "sex on a stick." The way she holds herself, the way she moves, everything about her screames sexuality.

I haven't quite figured anything else about her. For example, where was she going before she decided to stay on board and why? What was her family life like? Etc. All will be answered in due time I assume. If you guys have any ideas, they would be greatly appreciated. :)

Anyways, must go pump up the word count.



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