Future Neighborhood

Exercise #94 : "Future Neighborhood"

Describe your neighborhood as you would expect it to appear 10 years from now.

Et allez!!! (And go!!! in French heh)

Well, I live in what would be referred to as the "nice ghetto." It's gradually getting better, but 10 years from now, I don't think very much will have changed. Sure, there will be new inhabitants, and the streets may be repaved, but the houses, while pretty old, are extremely sturdy little houses. Unless there's some unforeseen catastrophic upheaval involving the end of the world or a land buy-out it's all going to remain.

The neighborhood used to be really bad. In fact, it was once as crime infested as West Nashville is now (That place is SCARY.), but it has tamed over the years. I only foresee improvement in that area, and I actually think it will make significant progress in the next 10 years. A lot of families are starting to make their way over here, and that's definitely having an affect on the general feel of the neighborhood.

Many of the residents in my neighborhood are students (Vanderbilt, Belmont, TSU, Fisk, etc...) so the faces are constantly changing, but there are a few families who live on my street. I imagine that some of them will still be here in 10 years. For example, there's a family that lives next door to me. I'll be honest; I don't know how many people live in that house, but there's an old man and his daughter, I believe. She has kids of her own, and I'm pretty sure there's a father involved. The kids are young enough to where they'd be just graduating from college at the end of 10 years, so that family will probably be in the hole and won't be able to move. hah Ah, college, how I loathe your exorbitant prices.

In the end, I'm not sure my neighborhood will change all that much in appearance. Once again, that's not planning for any drastic changes that might come about unexpectedly, but there are way too many options to choose from if we were to add that into the mix of this exercise.

Well, that's that. I didn't go very much into detail. I think NaNo is starting to affect me in that I write stream-of-conscious style now. hah Just write, write, write, and don't worry about poor writing!! Just push on through!!

Speaking of NaNo, I'm doing alright. I fell a little behind yesterday but plan to get back up on that later on today.

Well, it's time for me to do the school thing. German and Introduction to Music Technology today. Ah, glory. :)

I have something exciting (but a little scary) coming up this Saturday. I don't have time to fill you in now, but no worries! I'll write about sometime this week.


P.S. I have fallen in love with this song. It's Owl City with "Fireflies" from their breakout album, Ocean Eyes.


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