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"Your Dentist's Waiting Room"

Exercise #69 : "Your Dentist's Waiting Room"

This is an exercise in probing your memory for specific detail. Describe your dentist's waiting room.

Ugh... I hate the dentist. It's a completely unpleasant place. The staff is fine, sure. In fact, they're very nice people. It's just the ambiance... the whole idea of someone sticking their fingers in my mouth (I don't care that they have gloves on!) that is so unnerving. But enough complaining. There's an exercise to do here!

5, 4, 3, 2, 1... Beeeeeep!

Upon entering Dr. H's facilities, you are immediately assaulted by the sterile smell of disinfectant and plastic. The waiting room is nicely decorated but severely lacks personality with its taupe couches and beige painted walls. A potted plant resides to the left, its green leaves quietly resting against the corner of the room. Further forward and to the left is the receptionist's
counter where a smiling face is sure to greet you, and to the right lay the aforementioned tasteful couches. When I was a kid, there were also a few of those wire maze rollercoaster toys with little balls that you have to navigate through the wires (pictured right), but those toys have long since disappeared. I remember that the waiting room was once much more approachable and kid-friendly, but now the tables are coverd in Real Simple or Town & Country instead of Highlights. The floor is an unobtrusive greenish brown carpet that is oddly springy. There is a lattice-worked door leading into the hallway where the consultation rooms are, and everyone once in a while, if you listen intently, you can hear the buzzing of the dentist tools. You may even hear the distant wail of a frightened child screaming for his or her mommy. More often than not, however, it's just the constant buzzing of the machinery.

5 minutes up.

I'm not a big fan of dentists or their waiting rooms. Everything seems so sterile, so unapproachable... I used to go to this dentist when I was a little kid, and I remember the waiting room being designed specifically for children. He even had a Pacman!!! I absolutely loved that. Lots and lots of fun. Why can't adult dentist offices be like that? When we "grow up," people automatically think that we no longer enjoy the childish aspects of life. Heck, I'd love to go to the dentist and be able to play Pacman for a few minutes until it was time for my appointment! I may even show up early for an appointment if that were the case! Imagine!

In other news, I just watched Phenomenon with John Travolta, and I remembered just how great this movie is. It's pretty wonderful. I don't normally find myself attracted to Mr. Travolta, but there's something about him in this movie. He's unassuming, kind, and loving... not smarmy like he is in some of his other movies. Either way, it's a lovely movie (although a bit of a tear jerker), and if you haven't seen it go rent it. If you have... watch it again. It's totally worth it.


P.S. Keep me in your thoughts for the next week. Sometime within the next several days, me and my ex are getting together to "talk things out," and I can only hope that he'll approach it with an open mind and really think about whether he wants me as a friend or not... Seriously, I hate this. I've been prone to depression for quite some time now, and I was just getting my head out of the fog when all of this happened. It's like that quote from Bridget Jones (This is a paraphrase, of course.), "Whenever something in my life goes wonderfully, another part of it falls fantastically apart." Oy. There is no rest for the weary.

P.S.S. My mom is currently editing the footage for my recital, so it shall be posted soon! Wahoo!! I hope you guys are excited! You get to see me in an evening gown and everything! hah


Reality Asylum said…
feeling their latex gloves in my mouth and hearing them squeak as they rub on my teeth makes me wince.
Stef Howerton said…
Oh, ick. I hadn't remembered that part, but thanks to you I now have that memory running vividly throughout my mind, taunting me with its terror. hehe
Unknown said…
When they clean my teeth they use this tool (no idea what it's called) that just has this loud sound to it. I know they're just blasting my teeth with some sort of baking soda mixture but it almost sounds like it's grinding. I KNOW it isnt going to hurt but I flinch the whole time anyways because it just freaks me out. God forbid they ever have to drill something, I may have a heart attack from the IDEA of pain before they even get to the pain.
Tamika: said…
A placid calm swims over my body. The dull ache of Doc's drill running over my gums. Back and forth. Back and forth. The numbing agent feels like swollen bubble gum in my mouth.

I drift in and out of sleep.(The End)

This was when I got my wisdom teeth removed, and I was heavily medicated.

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