"Ten Hands"

Exercise #71 : "Ten hands"

Describe five different pairs of hands (i.e. color, texture, shape, symmetry, condition, scars, tattoos, jewelry, etc.). For each pair of hands assign a name and a profession.
  1. Greg, the surgeon - These hands are highly contoured, their veins showing thickly through the skin. They are clean of blemishes, but they are slightly dry. The muscular, nimble fingers are long and sinewy, and looking at them reminds one of strength, of power. On the left hand is a golden class ring emblazoned with the medical symbol.
  2. Edith, the organ player - These hands are similar to the surgeon's in that they are strong hands, but there is a certain amount of gracefulness and fragility to them that is not present in the other, a lightness that daintily skips over everything it touches.
  3. Marie, the seamstress / tailor -These hands are well-worn, each wrinkle signifying a specific stitch. The fingernails are kept short and clean, but you can see the dents in the fiber of the nail's edges that have been used to keep a thread in place.
  4. Louie, the construction worker -Like the others, these hands are strong and robust, perhaps more so than any of the other hands that have been described thus far. They are dirty, most frequently covered with dirt, and they are tough, a thick layer of callouses covering the palm. You can see that a finger or two has been broken and healed in an unaligned manner, but the fingers are still very capable.
  5. Eric, the politician - These hands are not meant for work for which the other four have been used. Meticulously cleaned, they shine in direct light, specifically the fingernails. They are unmarred by scars and callouses, and a flawless golden ring encircles the wedding ring finger.
Alright, that's all I can do for right now... Time constraints, you know... but I'll leave you with a little riddle:Name that movie!!! :)



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