"Permutation / Diary"

Exercise #82 : "Permutation / Diary"

In a "permutation exercise," one takes a line or more from another work and, keeping the phrasing, inserts one's own nouns and/or verbs and/or adjectives, etc. Here are a few lines from Mary Chestnut's Diary of March 21, 1861:
Dined yesterday at Judge's. Made himself eminently disagreeable. Abusing everything & everybody. Came back & in Camden had a tooth pulled --- home miserable with pain -- found Mrs Reynolds who told me Kitty Boykin is engaged to Mr Savage Heyward, a man twice married & ten children. I do not believe it. Talked all night--- exhausted. & nervous & miserable today--- raked up & dilated & harrowed up the bitterness of twenty long years--- all to no purpose. This bitter world.
From C. Vann Woodward and Elisabeth Muhlenfeld, eds, The Private Mary Chestnut: The Unpublished Civil War Diaries, Oxford University Press, 1984)
The exercise is this: Take her lines and style, but insert your own nouns, adjectives, and/or names, etc.

Friends, I'm still ill, so I'll be leaving this one undone for now. I will, however, add a post later on today about another character from my NaNoWriMo novel.

So that none of you worry, no, I do not have H1N1. In fact, I don't have any form of the flu at all. I've also been tested for mononucleosis, and results have shown up negative. I honestly don't know what's wrong. Over Monday and Tuesday, I slept approximately a collective 30-35 hours. NOT normal. Not only that, but I'm still exhausted. I could sleep another 30 if I was able.

So keep me in your thoughts over the next week or so. Hopefully, this little buggy will go away. Lots of tea, sleep, and happy thoughts. :)



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