Exercise #66 : "Montage"

In a move, a montage creates the story / context by juxtaposing images. For example, (1) we see a field of mud; then, (2) we see a plow cutting into the earth; then, (3) a farmer wiping his brow as he looks off into the distance. Thus, we assume we are being shown a farmer plowing his field. There is a direct analogy in writing - we can take out what I call the "filters" (e.g. "he looked," "she noticed," "they saw" (as well as much needless explanation by using montage. Here is an example:

The door banged shut. The cat leapt down from the top shelf.
The room smelled of burnt tuna fish.
She set her bag on the table.
Geese cried in the distance.
"Where is the bag?" he cried.
She spoke to him from the opposite side of the refrigerator.
"We're not going."

Try taking these same lines and rearranging them to create a completely different scene. Then, create your own montage.

Ok. I most definitely do not have time to do this one today. Too too too too too much school responsibility! Grr... Either way, feel free to take part in it if you wish.



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