"Karl's Scene Objective (Charlie's House)"

Exercise #84 : "Karl's Scene Objective (Charlie's House)"

In The Power of the Actor (pictured right), Ivana Chubbuck shows actors how to use their emotions to empower a goal. Actors identify their characters' overall objective, as well as their scene objective. Applying this to writing, assume your character is "Karl"; his overall objective is to prove that he has high status; his scene objective is to impress "Charlie," his snooty neighbor---and maybe even take Charlie down a rung. The scene takes place in Charlie's living room.

I own this book. :) It's pretty great. Read it if you're into the whole acting thing. Lord knows I am. hah I think I'm going to do this as a dialogue. It seems to me that it might be better that way. Oh well, this blog is all about experimentation, so... Why not?

Anyways... 5 minutes up on the timer. GO!

CHARLIE (C): Your lawn has been looking awfully nice over these past few weeks, Karl.

KARL (K): Oh, yes. I've been using this new fertilizer.

C: Have you? What's in it?

K: Well, it's an organic mixture based from recycled and treated sewage.

C: Oh.

K: I mean, it's treated, so...

C: Right.

K: Completely clean and safe.

C: Yes. Clean and safe.

K: And it's actually better for the plants. None of those nasty chemicals they use in normal fertilizers.

C: Interesting. I just leave all of that up to my gardener, Raul. He's amazing. I swear, the man can make grass grow out of sheet rock.

K: That's great.

C: So you do all your lawn work yourself?

K: Well, no. My kids help.

C: You make your children wallow in the dirt?

K: Yes... I mean, no. They like to help. And I believe that it makes them better people in the end.

C: Interesting viewpoint.


K: So I spoke with my boss the other day, and he said he wanted me to head up a new department in the company.

C: That's wonderful, Karl. What kind of work is it?

K: It's the outreach department. The company is growing, and the CEO feels it's necessary to start getting out there and having an affect on our surroundings for the better.

C: Sounds like your CEO is a nice guy.

K: Yes, he is.

5 minutes up.

I don't know where that was going... haha I don't like Charlie, though. He's a twit. :-P


P.S. Additionally... This is hilarious...


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