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"Gone Fishing"

Exercise #70 : "Gone Fishing"

Bob and Joe went out in their canoe. What they reeled in was not a fish. What was it?

And... go.

"Hey, Bob," Joe said as he cast his fishing line. "How long are we planning on being out here?" It was still dark out, and crickets chirped just a few yards away on the shore. Water lapped at the sides of their boat, slowly rocking it back and forth.

"I guess we'll head out a few hours or so after daybreak," said Bob. "I know that Allyson will want me to be home by around 8am. She said she was going to make a big breakfast for all of us."

"Alright, sounds good to me," Joe said. "They seem to be quiet this morning anyway."

"I know. My line's been out there for around 20 minutes, and not a single bite."

"Well, maybe something will come up."

The two men sat in silence for the next few minutes, waiting patiently for even the slightest bite, but there was nothing. Not one fish even popped up to the surface of the relatively tranquil water for a waterbug or some other tasty morsel.

Just as they were about to give up and pull their reels in, Bob's line went taut.

"Hey, Bob," Joe said. "Your line."

"Finally!" Bob began to reel in, and whatever was attached put up a marvelous fight. Seconds later, it burst from the surface, but it was not a fish.

"What is it?" said Joe.

"I'm... not sure." A large mass of seaweed hung from the end of the fishing rod, but they could see something, a sharp corner jutting out from the midst of the tangled plant.

"Well, pull it in, you idiot. Let's see what you've caught."

The seaweed thumped heavily on the aluminum flooring. Joe knelt downward and began to take apart the hunk. Slowly, a wooden box began to appear.

"So what is it?" asked Bob.

"A box?"

"Open it."

The hatch was sealed shut, so Joe had to crush the box with his foot, breaking it open to reveal its contents. Inside was a piece of paper wrapped in another piece of wax paper. It was water damaged, but the print was still readable.
My dear Cornelia,
My love for you grows stronger every day, and it will be mere weeks before I see you again. We have finished our tour, so we are headed home, and each day passes more joyfully than the last. Expect my return in a fortnight.

With undying love,

Uh... There are a bunch of questions I want to ask after finishing that one. For example, where are Bob and Joe? What kind of ship was Edward on? Why did he put the letter in a sheet of wax paper and then into a wooden box? It all sounds fishy to me. Either that or highly ridiculous...

What are some things that can be found while fishing? I mean, there's always the comical boot gag, but I'm sure there are some other things that can be pulled from the depths. This, of course, doesn't include shipwreck stuff, because hunks of ship can't really be surfaced by simple fishing rods. Not only that, but sad hunks are usually much further out than either Joe or Bob would venture...

Anyways, that's all for today. This has been a pretty busy week thus far, and it's only Tuesday... Augh...



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