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Character Profile #1: Natalie Hansley

This post marks the first of a series of posts over the next week or so that detail my work going into NaNoWriMo. I've said this before, but this is a story idea that I've been bouncing around in my head for a long time, and I've finally decided to stop putzing around and am going to write the crap out of it over the month of November. It's going to be a wild, bumpy ride.

And without further ado..........

Natalie ("Nat" for short) is our protagonist, the daughter of a high-profile tradesman / politician. Her life has been blessed with financial wealth, but her father, devoted to his work, is absentee at best. Throughout her childhood, Natalie fought for her father's attention, but nothing she did could distract her father from his job. Even when she misbehaved, his punishments, if he heard about the problems at all, would be sent through the house staff, most often through Awder, the house butler. Like her father, Natalie is proud and stubborn, but this strong, independent persona is only a cover for the extremely sensitive, vulnerable creature that she keeps hidden from everyone, including herself. She is like her mother in this way, only her mind is capable of withstanding the pressure of a constant facade. She also has an elevated sense of privacy due to her father's active public life, so all of the elements dealing with her personal life are shared with very few people. Another trait carried from her mother's side is a longing for adventure and travel. Although she has accompanied her father on several trade route establishment ventures, she was always confined to her quarters on board the transport vessel unless required for publicity. She yearns to visit the furthest reaches of space, to meet other peoples and learn about their cultures. As the daughter of a relatively well-known man, however, this is not possible, so she is essentially stuck.

She is a beautiful young woman, but her frosty demeanor when meeting new people makes her look a bit harsh and angular. The resemblance she holds to her mother is uncanny with her fiery red hair and vibrant green eyes, and the lean yet womanly figure further proves her relation.

That's all I have for now, but tune in later on this week for the profile of Pickett Oxford, our other main character and love interest. Ooooooh... :)



BlaqueSaber said…
I do love a red head :)
Seriously, I think you've got this character fairly well fleshed out. Looking forward to your updates.
Lisa said…
Stef, I didn't understand this: only her mind is capable of withstanding the pressure of a constant facade. Can you explain?

I was also wondering how much of a role her mother plays in her life. Maybe there will be a character profile of her (or maybe there already is! I know there are 4 and I am off to read the others).

I love the name Awder.

I'm not sure why I am less attached to this profile as I was about Robert. I am trying to pinpoint it. Hmmm...
Stef Howerton said…
Oh, that will all make sense in the 4th profile. :) In the end, her mother had to hold up the same sort of "I'm-happy-here-even-though-I'm-really-not" cover, and it was part of the reason why she lost her mind.

And the mother plays a GIANT part in the idea of the novel. :)

I think you're probably less attached to this one because there are still some mysteries about her character that I've not yet posted about or even discovered myself. She's unfinished as of yet, but she'll get there, I'm assuming. hehe I hope so!

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