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"Cat's Eye View"

Exercise #77 : "Cat's Eye View"
Most adults see things at a very few different levels. They lie down, they sit up, they walk around. But what about a cat? It can slink under the bed or leap up into a tree. Imagine you are a cat. Make a list of all the things you might see in and around your residence that the human normally would not. Be as specific as you can.

You know, this is something that I have actually thought about. Does that make me a geek? haha Or maybe it just further determines the fact that I am quickly on my way to becoming the crazy cat lady that scares all of the neighborhood kids. Who knows? We'll check back in a few years to see how much further I have progressed down this path (or should it be considered regressed?).

Either way, this is something about which I have spent a little time thinking, so I'm thinking it's going to be a bit of fun. I'll do it in bullet point format for simplicity's sake.

5 minutes set... and go.
  • the tops of people's heads
  • the tiny space between the cabinets (My cats like to explore... a lot.)
  • the direct underside of people's chins
  • the tops of bookshelves and other furniture
  • underneath the kitchen cabinets (They have a tiny overhang about 4 inches above the floor that collects a TON of dirt and grime.)
  • behind the tv
  • rooftops (depending on how high they are)
  • the tiny bugs - gnats or possibly just dust - that fly around in the living room that no one else can see (I have yet to decide if these actually exist or not, but my cats freak out so often in the living room that they simply must be there!)
  • things in the dark (yay for more advanced night vision than humans!)
For some reason my mind just went completely blank. I had a few more things to type bouncing around in my brain, but they popped out suddenly. I can't remember them for the life of me. Oh well... 5 minutes are up anyway. :)

I'm going to see Zombieland this evening after I get through with work. I'm pretty excited about it, and I'll be sure to write a review. I'm expecting it to be pretty hilarious, but I don't want to get my hopes up. The last few movies I've seen that I thought were going to be funny were absolutely dismal. Either way, expect that in the next day or so. Yay!



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Soft Things

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Make a list of soft things.


This should be easy enough, shouldn't it?

"Purple Things"

Exercise #28: "Purple Things"
What things are purple? Make a list.
EggplantsOne-Eyed, One-Horned, Flying, Purple People Eater (see below)Bruises (sometimes)a REALLY beautiful sunsetElizabeth Taylor's eyes (does violet count?)Barney (I love you, you love me...)GrapesLavendarOrchidsAmethystCabbage (sometimes)Lots of different birdsPlumsVioletsOnionsROYGBIVThat's all I can think of. You know, you don't really notice it, but purple appears quite frequently in nature. When I think nature, my mind immediately imagines greens, browns, and generally all kinds of neutral colors, but purple is everywhere. It's pretty awesome.

Without further ado, the One-Eyed, One-Horned, Flying, Purple People Eater by Sheb Wooley:

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"Yellow List"

Exercise #83 : "Yellow List"
What things are yellow? Make a list. At the end of the five minutes, note the three you find most curious.
Ah, yellow. One of my least favorite colors. I mean, it's nice and all, but there are so many versions of this color that are simply eye-raping. Anyways, on with the list.

Things That Are Yellow:
bananas school busesyellow bell peppertennis ballsPost Shredded Wheat boxes (see right)lemonscanariesthe middle traffic lighttraffic linesthe suncheddar cheesehaycornbuttercabs#2 pencilsgrapefruitraincoats (stereotypical ones, anyway)beessquashyellow jackets (I HATE those things!)the yolk of an eggscrambled eggs or an omeletpeanut M&Msthe Simpsonsvarious flowersrubber duckieetc...So that's my list of yellow things! :) The most curious? Well... I'll go with... but none of those are curious! That's silly.

Check back later today for my 5th Character Profile on Nolan Hansley, Estelle's father and Maxine / Madelyn's husband! Oooo…