"St. Valentine's Day Massacre"

Exercise #44 : "St. Valentine's Day Massacre"

This is a plot-generating exercise.
  1. List 5 small gestures Bob makes that show he loves his wife, Betty. For example, he might do the dishes, buy her jewelry, etc.
  2. List 5 actions by which Betty reveals that she no longer loves Bob. For example, she might not pick up the phone when she sees the caller ID that shows it's him or she might travel on business when she doesn't need to.
  3. List 3 ways Betty could kill Bob.
  4. In three words -- no more -- describe Betty's secret boyfriend, Jeb.
  5. Where did Betty meet Jeb.
  6. Finally, in what way is Jeb a surprising character? Answer in only 2 adjectives.
Well, goodness gracious, isn't that depressing? I don't like Betty. What a backstabbing little... Grr...

5 minutes START!

Bob's 5 gestures:
  1. making the coffee her way every morning: super strong
  2. take her out dancing every Thursday night
  3. frequently buys / sends her flowers "just because"
  4. lets the dog sleep in the bed with them because she likes it
  5. he once upgraded her ring to a 2 carat diamond
Betty's 5 jerky behaviors:
  1. goes out of her way to not laugh at his jokes
  2. makes sure that the dog sleeps between them at night
  3. lets the flowers he sends die instead of watering them
  4. always fakes a headache... you know what I mean
  5. never buys him presents for holidays / birthdays
Betty's 3 murder plots:
  1. poison the coffee he makes every morning
  2. suffocate him while he is sleeping
  3. shoot him with a silenced gun
Jeb: down-home corn farmer

Betty met Jeb at the local farmer's market. He is a farmer and has a couple hundred acres several miles outside the city.

2 adjectives: surprisingly intelligent

5 minutes up. It was actually a few more than 5. I felt that I needed to finish the whole exercise, so the 5 minute rule was kind of thrown out of the window.

Let me first say that I am so thankful for all of my wonderful readers. Your words of encouragement and thoughts were very much appreciated over this Labor Day weekend.

To those of you who haven't yet heard, my boyfriend of 1 and 1/2 years broke up with me on Thursday evening, and I needed to take the weekend to regroup. It was a shock that I am still coping with, but it has gotten easier. After thinking about it, I'm starting to realize that the choice he made was probably the right one. We are now in talks concerning our friendship, and, while he hurt me pretty badly, I am not willing to shove him out of my life because I'm pissed at him. The anger and pain will go away. In fact, it has already started to disappate. He is one of my best friends, and I can't imagine him not being involved in my life, even if his involvement is only platonic. I love him and always will, but we work better together as friends. So that's that. I can only hope that we can push through this while remaining close friends, because he's incredibly important to me, and I care so much about him.

Once again, thanks to all of you that were so supportive. You're wonderful.



bubbajambs said…
My thoughts are with you and hope your healing is whole and quick.


poisening the coffee Bob makes HER way every morning.....brutal.
Lisa said…
Stef, I am so relieved you are ok and that you took the time to take care of yourself. Your relationship will unfold as it should...and however that is, you will be just fine. All the best...
Lisa said…
Bob’s gestures
1. Gives Betty 100 kisses every morning.
2. Warms her towel up in the dryer so that it’s nice and toasty when she gets out of the shower.
3. Makes a special dessert for her every Friday night.
4. Brushes her long hair before bed.
5. Changes the sheets, which she hates to do.
Betty’s gestures
1. She practically gags when Bob leaves the room after the 100 kisses.
2. She throws his socks into his sock drawer instead of matching them.
3. She uses up all the hot water for her morning shower, saving none for him.
4. She no longer keeps his love letters but ditches them among egg shells and dirty paper towels
5. She presses her cold feet up against him even though she knows he is easily chilled and easily catches cold.
3 ways Betty could kill Bob
1. When Bob is sleeping, she opens up the bedroom windows and strips Bob of the blankets during a particularly cold New England night hoping he’ll catch his death of cold.
2. She dismantles his brakes.
3. She rigs his computer so that when he presses the return key, it blows up and kills him.
Jeb – Sexy, Lethal, Brilliant

Betty met Jeb at a murder mystery dinner theater

Jeb is Compassionate and Committed
Stef said…
Thank you for your kind words. They're really appreciated.

Betty is such a jerk!!!! haha Especially your 1st method of killing him, "hoping he'll catch his death of cold." As bubbajambs said, "brutal." haha

Thank you both for your comments! :)

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