"Shelly's Scene Objective"

Exercise #45 : "Shelly's Scene Objective"

In The Power of the Actor, Ivana Chubbuck shows actors how to use their emotions to empower a goal. Actors identify their characters' overall objective, as well as their scene objective. Applying this to writing, assume your character is "Shelly;" her overall objective is to get married, and her scene objective is to get "Kyle" - whom she has just met, say, in a coffee shop - to ask her on a date. Write the scene from Shelly's point of view.

I don't understand Shelly's type of woman. They just don't make sense to me. The manipulation, the I-have-to-get-married syndrome... It's all a complete enigma that evades my thinking processes. Not only that, but it infuriates me. Maybe I'm just bittered by the lingering break-up sadness, but it's ridiculous. IhavetogetmarriedIhavetogetmarriedIhavetogetMARRIED!!!!! Ludicrous. What's the point? Someone please tell me.

Sure, there's something to be said about being in a relationship. It's great. There's always someone there to talk to, to be excited with, to call when you're upset. But it's not all unicorns and glitter farts. Relationships are hard, and if you rush them they're doomed for failure (I know, I know... There's always an exception to the rule, but we're not talking about the exceptions here.).

And I've just now realized that I - a recent dumpee - am doling out advice on relationships......... Probably not the smartest thing...

Either way, I'm really annoyed now. Feel free to take part in this exercise and post your responses in the comment section. Lord knows I'm not going to do it.



"But it's not all unicorns and glitter farts."

That's a great line, Stef. There is no hurry. I had a couple of relationships not make it past 3 months. In another we lived together for a year, were engaged, then it collapsed.

I met my 'now wife' when I was 31. We had a short courtship and were married about a year after we started dating. Still married after 15yrs. There's no predicting it. Take your time.-Alan
Stef said…
I guess the part that's most upsetting is that my ex was my first "real," long-term relationship. I mean, I'd had little flings before, but nothing that ever really amounted to anything. So add that on top of the grief of the end of a relationship, and it's a volatile combination.

Thanks for your comment. :) It's encouraging to know that there is hope out there.

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