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"Message for a Stranger"

Exercise #43 : "Message for a Stranger"

Today's exercise was inspired by an essay published in the Washington Post by Canadian novelist Margaret Atwood. She wrote, "Writing, like sewing, was always for someone, even if that someone was yourself in the future. Writing was a way of sending your voice to someone you might never meet." Imagine that tomorrow a stranger will pick up the scrap of paper on which you have written something.
(Note: This exercise is especially fun if you really do leave the scrap of paper somewhere for someone to find it -- perhaps on a park bench or in an elevator.)

Interesting. I like this idea. Thanks, CM Mayo, for coming up with it.

Andddddddd... go.

To You. Yes, You!

Chances are you don't know me, and that's ok. In fact, knowing that I'm writing a letter to someone I don't know is kind of freeing. I can say whatever I want, however I want. Lovely, says I.

I guess my first order of business is to make a stereotypical "Seize the day!" comment.

Take today and smile at it. Not only that, but take it a step further. Laugh at it. Even if something that you perceive to be bad happens. It makes the day bearable and - gasp!! - fun.

Find humor in the mundane things. That way you'll never be bored.

The next time you get fast food through the drive-through, attempt to be a different nationality. I've always found great fun in that. I mean, think about it. I doubt anyone is an expert linguist at Burger King, so you could even make up your own accent if you don't have an ear for real ones. And if someone does call you out on it, feign offense and drive off in a huff. It's always entertaining to throw a temper tantrum when you know you're never going to see that person again. It's actually quite cathartic.

Speaking of the word cathartic, I am ashamed to admit that I only just found out a few weeks ago that it was spelled catharTic and not catharDic. Silly me. And I usually spell so well...

Watch The Fall by Tarsem Singh starring Lee Pace. It's an amazing movie, and it didn't get the acclaim that it deserved.

I'm not sure if I have much of anything else to say. You know what? I'm not going to say anything else.

Have a lovely day,

As is usually the case, this one was harder than I expected. I assumed, going into it, that a lack of limitations would open up a world of topics. Strangely, however, I found myself to be almost claustrophobically (Is that a word? Oh, well... I just made it up.) contained. The lack of guidelines made the list of possible topics overwhelming and stifling. Harumph... But it did get me to think a little bit, which is the purpose of these exercises.

Have you actually done this? What did you say? If you hadn't, what would you say?



Laura Eno said…
I derive great entertainment from watching you come up with these things...or, would that be reading?
Stef Howerton said…
haha I'm glad that I am able to provide entertainment for you.

And I don't think it matters. Reading requires watching so... whichever works... I think...?

Thanks for the comment!
Fun idea! Maybe I'll give it a shot.
Summer Ross said…
this looks like fun- I think I'm going to try it out.

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