"Jamilla, Joyce, and Larry"

Exercise #54 : "Jamilla, Joyce, and Larry"

In no more than 10 words for each, sketch the characters named Jamilla, Joyce, and Larry. Once you've done that, answer these questions quickly, without thinking:
  • Where are they?
  • What do they want from one another?
Jamilla - redhead, earth mother, fiery, striking, kindhearted, deeply sensitive, enabler
Joyce - blonde, deceptively ditsy, genius, sorority girl, cat-lover, snobby
Larry - angry, technophile, WOW player, low social skills, average intelligence

They are in Larry's living room.

Larry wants to bonk both of them, but neither of them are interested.
Joyce wants to do experiments on Larry and is using her feminine wiles and her knowledge of Larry's horny nature to get him to take part in the experiments.
Jamilla simply wants to meditate, sitting cross-legged on her yoga mat.

That was less than 5 minutes. But I guess since I've gone over the time limit on a few of the previous exercises that I can allow a shorter post this one time.

In other news, thank you so much for your overwhelmingly welcoming responses to my #fridayflash post yesterday. It was so exciting to be a part of such a neat writing community and can't wait to participate next week.


P.S. Posts I still need to write:
  • the henna hair dye post - This one will probably be in a week or so. I haven't completed the process, so I haven't gotten my final result. It'll happen, though!
  • movie review - Tim Burton's "9"
  • rewrite of "Meet Chuck"
  • completion of "Popul Vuh" exercise


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