"Hank & Helen: The Beachfront Condo"

Exercise #53 : "Hank & Helen: The Beachfront Condo"

This is a dialogue exercise. Hank and Helen are married. Hank is a pessimist. Helen is an optimist. They discuss whether or not to buy a beachfront condo.

GO! Tick tock, tick tock...

Helen: It's beautiful!

Hank: Yeah, it's nice.

Helen: "Nice? Nice? This is better than nice, Hank. This is luxurious!

Hank: I mean, it's beautiful and all, but I don't know... I'm not sure this is a good idea.

Helen: Sure it's a good idea. What don't you like about it?

Hank: It's so... open. There is absolutely no cover here on this veranda. Great view and all, but there's not a single bit of privacy.

Helen: It has plenty of privacy. It's high up enough on the beach that people won't really be looking at us. If it bothers you that much, we can always add tints to the glass paneling surrounding it.

Hank: I guess that's sufficient...

Helen: But?

Hank: But can we really afford this? We're not Bill Gates, you know.

Helen: Enough already! We can afford it.

Hank: I'm just not sure.

Helen: Well, I am sure. What can I do to help convince you?

Hank: That's not fair. You can't muscle me into making a decision when I don't feel right about it.

Helen: No, I can't. But I can help you to see it my way, because... well, because I'm right in this instance.

Hank: Let's just sit on it for a while, ok?

Helen: We'll lose this great place if we "sit on it for a while."

Hank: I can't be forced into such a serious decision simply because an opportunity that will reappear again in a few weeks might disappear.

5 minutes up.

Oh, Hank. Silly, silly Hank. When will you learn to let loose and fly by the seat of your pants?

How about you guys? Are you fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants type of person or do you plan, plan, plan before doing anything? Or are you somewhere in between that?


P.S. Thanks for your comments on the last couple of posts. I'm looking forward to using your ideas!

P.S.S. #Fridayflash to follow later on today! Wahoooooooey!


That's funny about the beachfront condo. We have been looking at cottages (or land) the past few weeks, hoping to get something small before the prices shoot up so much they're unattainable. They always seem to have something wrong with them...hmm, am I silly Hank, the pessimist?
Stef said…
Alan, I think you may just be a real-life Hank. But that's ok, because it keeps those of us prone to Helen-ish behavior grounded in reality.

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