"Extremely Famous"

Exercise #51 : "Extremely Famous"

You (or your fictional character) are suddenly extremely famous. In what ways does your (or your character's) life change?5 minutes start now.

It's official... I don't like being famous. I'd always known that fame wasn't worth it, that it ended up eating out your soul, but this quickly? The novelty has worn off, and the people staring is an annoyance. Yes, I know you know who I am. Good for you. Now leave me alone!

Of course, there are certain perks to being famous. If I show up at a restaurant or hotel (I've been spending a lot of time in hotels as of late...), I am immediately ushered in - usually through the back door - to their best space, their most secluded table or their largest suite. People give me gifts, too. A new skin care line that has diamonds in the paste to help exfoliate (It costs a whopping $3,000, folks.), a dress designed by Vera Wang herself, thousands and thousands of fan-sent teddy bears... All of these things come to me simply because people know who I am.

Either way, the perks are nice, but the whole fame thing... Well, it sucks. I can't go out to get munchies from Kroger if I get a sudden, insatiable craving because I'll be mobbed by everyone who sees me. As a result I've been issued with a crew of underlings meant to get my munchies for me and other various tasks that I once loathed doing. Now I kind of miss them.

5 minutes up.

Well, now you know that I have relatively strong feelings about celebrity. I honestly have never heard from anyone that they've enjoyed the teeming throngs that throw themselves at him or her simply because they saw him or her on the front of People that morning. It's ridiculous.

To be completely honest, the idea of "celebrity" completely boggles my mind. Why do we put these people on a higher pedestal than others? They're not any better than Joe Schmoe over here who works as a bank teller or Jane Schmane who works at the local CVS. So why these specific people? Why actors and musicians? Not only that, but why is it that the people who are honest-to-God talented are usually the ones who aren't necessarily famous as, say, Britney Spears? I mean, don't get me wrong. Britney Spears is an amazing performer. I'll give her that much. But her singing voice is mediocre at best, and her songs are... meh. Compare her to some of the local artists here in Nashville (or anywhere, really), and they'd blow her out of the water. Once again... I don't get it.

In other news, I henna-ed my hair last night. :) It's so pretty now! Of course, the color is going to alter slightly over the next few days, but I'm in love with it. I'll be posting a blog sometime this week on my exploits. It will be great fun, I promise.



Laura Eno said…
You forgot the wacko fans who can't differentiate an actor from their character,too. This is especially detrimental to soap opera actors who get accosted on the street for 'cheating' on so-and-so, etc. :) It would be crazy to live that way!

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