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Charlamagne, the Boy Cat From Upstairs

I'm playing catchup, because this was supposed to be done this past Saturday, and we all know I wasn't here for that. :)

This is Charlamagne, the chill cat of the house. He is my upstairs roommate's cat, and he's a total teddy bear. You can do pretty much anything to him, and he'll just sit there. He may even give you kisses every so often. His meow is unique; it almost sounds like a cackle, and it makes me smile.

As you can see from the picture, Charlie is a little bit of a tubbers, but it's so cute that it's ok. He's on a diet, though, and we have to make sure that he doesn't eat any of the food I set down for Kitty Kitty and Lily.

He's an affectionate cutie, but don't let the adorable-ness fool you. An antagonizer at heart, he finds joy in pouncing on Lily and fighting her until she scratches the crap out of him. He learned quickly that his battles with Kitty Kitty were not only unnecessary but harmful to his person, so he doesn't pick fights with her. Smart boy.

Anyways, that's the upstairs cat. He's pretty great.



Unknown said…
Hi :)
Charlamagne looks a bit like Garfield.
Thanks for sharing,
all the best,
Lisa said…
Awwwww. Very sweet! So nice to see this first thing in the AM :-). I

have a tubby myself...Lulu is close to 18 lbs and she can't carry it because she is small boned. I'm going to have to put her on a diet soon but that is hard with 4 other cats in the house!

Also, my 20 year old kitty (who passed away 3 years ago) used to have that crackly meow. Very different and funny.

THanks for sharing!
Stef Howerton said…
Lisa, it has been hard putting Chuckles on a diet here, too, because of the 2 other cats. Kitty Kitty could stand to lose a few, and Lily doesn't eat more than what she needs, so it's not as bad as it could be. :)

Thanks to both RKCharron and Lisa for your comments.
Kate said…
He kind of looks like my kitty. We call him Big Orange, but his name is William Blake. Well done on the Blog of Note . . . that's why I stopped by.

When things settle down I'd love it if you took a look at my blog! We have a lot in common (animals, writing, etc).


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