"Windy Weather in the City"

Exercise #47 : "Windy Weather in the City"

With specific detail that appeals to all the senses - sight, hearing, taste, touch, smell - describe windy weather on a city street.

This episode reminds me of the 2 years I spent in NY, so I'm going to base this exercise on some memories I have there.

5 minutes start now.

There's nothing better than New York City in the fall. The whole city is transformed into a crisp, clean-feeling place which is greatly appreciated after a humid, rotten-smelling summer filled with sweat and armpit stained shirts.

There's something about the wind as it rushes through seemingly endless skyscrapers. The way that the buildings are situated turns each space in between them into a wind tunnel capable of knocking you over if you're not prepared. It whips at your face, blowing tendrils of your hair every direction possible, and you feel as if you're being lifted gently from the pavement below. Every once in a while, trash from the street is flipped into the air and rotated in a minute twister.

5 minutes up. That one kind of ended abruptly. heh

Thanks to Troy Mayr for his picture of the wind blown trees. Stunning.



ElanaJ said…
Great job! I really liked the tendrils of hair. :)

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