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Exercise #52 : "Airplane"

This is an exercise about generating specific sensory detail. On a typical flight, what are:
  • 5 things you might see
  • 5 things you might smell
  • 5 things you might touch
  • 5 things you might hear
  • 5 things you might taste
5 Sights:
  • the stewardess with an overly perky, blindingly white smile, directing me to my seat
  • the grey / cream, plastic interiors that house the storage units
  • people sitting in plush seats, praying that the seat next to them will be left empty
  • a woman clutching the hand rests with her eyes closed (She's afraid of flying.)
  • the fancy business people sitting in first class
5 Smells:
  • the sterile, just Lysoled smell
  • the smelly dude in the seat next to me
  • the minty gum of the teenager sitting behind me
  • the poopy diaper of the crying baby in front of me
  • the mothball-y scent of the clothes of the old lady who just walked past me
5 Touches:
  • the coarse fabric of my carry on bag
  • the velvety fabric of the seat
  • the air bursting from the overhead ac onto my face
  • the feeling of my comfy travel clothes
  • the rumbling vibrations of the engines
5 Sounds:
  • the crying baby in the seat in front of me
  • the teenager smack smack smacking her gum behind me
  • the Chatty Cathy having a private conversation loudly to my right
  • the whirring ac
  • the engines of the airplane
5 Tastes:
  • the Dr. Pepper that I ordered from the stewardess earlier
  • peanuts (Does Southwest still give these out? I haven't flown in a LONG time.)
  • the crisp, heavily filtered air
  • gum (which I am chewing silently, thank you)
  • uh... I opt out of this one because I can't think of anything
5 minutes up.

There was a time when I would take trips via airplane several times a year, probably around 5 or 6 times. Granted, that was when I lived in New York and went home to Nashville for vacation. I'm ok with not flying as much, however. I figure that I'll be doing it frequently for work after I finish all of my schooling, so a little reprieve from taking the world by storm, I think, is a good idea.

Anyways, it's time for me to relax a bit.


P.S. Blogs to come up in the next few weeks:
  • dying my hair with henna
  • #fridayflash
  • 9 movie review
  • rewrite of "Meet Chuck"
  • completed "Popol Vuh" exercise
Wahoo. Exciting, huh?


Woo Hoo...look forward to the fridayflash and the dying with henna.
You've woken up my writing senses!
Regina Quentin said…
I'm glad I found your blog. Your exercises are great. Thanks for taking the time to post them.
dirtywhitecandy said…
Great idea for a blog - glad I found you. And you've made me very glad I don't fly very often... so exercise accomplished!

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