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"Significant Someone"

Exercise #39 : "Significant Someone"

Today's exercise is courtesy of Sheila Bender, a poet and writer and on-line writing magazine editor.

Write about a time you met someone now significant in your life.

Beep. Timer started.

Her features were striking. Large, full lips dominated her face, brown hair flowed down her back in thick waves, and she was laughing, throwing her head back, eyes sparkling. I didn't know her then.

We went to school for a while before we actually spent time with one another. We were in different classes and associated with different groups of people, so our paths rarely crossed. It wasn't until our second semester at The American Musical & Dramatic Academy (AMDA) that we actually met one another.

"My name's Sylvia," she said, extending her hand.

"Stefanie," I said as I grasped her hand with my own in a firm handshake. Oh, good, I thought. She has a strong handshake.

Sylvia was a very talented actress, and she came to AMDA to hone her skills not only in acting but in dancing and singing as well. Little did I know that our meeting would result in a strong friendship that lasted even through the trials of long distances.

5 minutes up.

This one was very difficult for me. For all of you that know me personally, you all know that I'm flighty as hell. I can't remember what happened this morning much less what happened several years ago. I try to, really. I just have a horrible memory. To be completely honest, I can't really remember when Sylvia and I met. I know that it was in 2005, and we were at AMDA. I don't even know if we officially introduced ourselves. I'm sure we just started talking while waiting for class to start one day... But I can't remember. See? Pathetic.

My mother always says to me, "You have a selective memory," which I guess is partly true... What I've figured, though, is that I can remember all of my blocking from shows I've been in. I can remember all of the lines, all of the music, all of the cues... Everything. It seems that I've stored all of the information from shows in my long-term memory, and apparently I've run out of room. Does anyone have a mind-eraser? I don't want my entire brain emptied... Just the supercilious stuff that I don't need to know. Or maybe I can carry around an extra brain with me like an external hard drive. That would be nice.

If anyone knows anything about that sort of technology, let me know. I'm desperate. :)



Susan R. Mills said…
I'm off to write my story now. Yours is nice. I love exercises like this.

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