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"Kid Stuff"

Exercise #15: "Kid Stuff"
Make a list of toys you had when you were a kid. Then, in the time remaining, give each one an adjective, a color, and a sound.

"Soft Classics," the stuffed dog whose brand name was Soft Classics. I read the tag and thought that was his name. Soft, grey, puppy panting.
Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh. Depressed, blue, velcro ripping (his tail ripped off).
Bernard from Where the Wild Things Are. Matted fur (After being thrown into the washer so many times, his fur was never the same.), grey, animal growls.
Skip-It, the fun ankle game thingy. Entertaining, pink, plastic rolling against concrete.
Barbies. Irrational (I mean, seriously... No woman looks like that.), tan, giggles and scissor clipping (My sister and I frequently chopped the hair of our dolls in a futile attempt to style their hair.).

That's all I can think of at any rate. I mean, I had lots of toys, but there were a few of them that I absolutely loved. The main three were Soft Classics, Eeyore, and Bernard. I remember walking around the house with Soft Classics nearly glued to my hand. My dad gave him to me when I was little, when I had the chicken pocks. I remember lying on the couch, watching tv. When dad came home, he walked up to me, taking something out of a bag. And there was this fuzzy, grey, stuffed puppy. I loved him instantly. Even then I had a strong interest in animals - dogs specifically - so I was very excited. The sad part is that I can't find him anymore. I went away to school or camp or something, and when I came back Soft Classics was nowhere to be found. Sad day. I secretly think that he's hidden somewhere in my parents' house, hiding until they move out or something. Even today I miss him. He was great.

Well, that's it for my trip down Nostalgia Lane. I won't bore you any longer. :)

Peace and see you tomorrow!


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