Honest Scrap Award

A big thanks to Laura Eno over at A Shift in Dimentions for thinking of me when choosing the 7 bloggers to which she would extend this award after receiving it herself. I'm very excited!

The award is meant to be passed on to bloggers who post from the heart. The rules are simple: pass the award on to seven worthy blogs and list ten honest things about yourself.

The 7 bloggers to receive this award from me are as follows:
Congrats to all of you! I love these blogs, and the writers' honesty is a lot of the reason why they're so great.

Once again, thanks go to Laura Eno for bestowing this award on yours truly. I feel very special and honored. :)



Anonymous said…
Why thank you Stef. I'll be sure to treasure my award.

I sure hope the ghost of the Australian gold-miner that came with my last award doesn't do anything terrible to it.

Yup. I sure hope not...
Lisa said…
Stef, thank you! I will treasure it and post my 7 as soon as I find ones that I love and fit the honest criteria :-)

I am so sorry it took me soooooo long to respond. I have spent the last two weeks finishing my book proposal and everything else has suffered( no clean laundry, no food in the fridge and no returned phone calls).

Thank you so much Stephanie! I am honoured to be one of the recipients of this award. And, you, dear you, so deserve this award. I so enjoy your sharing your process and practice of writing. xoxo
Stef said…
No worries, Belette! I totally understand. :) Stuff like that always takes precedence over silly little blog awards. hehe

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