Hit & Run with a Side of Thunderstorm

Humans suck.

That is all.

No, not really. I'm just kidding... about that being all, that is.

This ---------------->
is my Dad's car. Well, it's a car that's like my Dad's anyway. His has a removable top. But that's just semantics. It's a nice car; that's the point here.

This evening my family (sans me, because I was working) went to Calhoun's to obtain some grub, and as they were leaving they were approached by a Calhoun's manager. Apparently, while they were eating some douchebag hit their car and fled the scene. Awesome.

Thankfully, someone witnessed the hit & run and was able to jot down the license numbers, and said witness gave it to the manager to give it to the owner of the damaged car. So now my dad has everything he needs to find this asshole (Excuse the French, but there is no better word.). Glorious.

The funny thing is if the person had just come in and fessed up, then my dad probably would have said, "It's ok. Thanks for telling me," and that would have been that. Instead, they ran off, and unleashed my dad's wrath. Not good for them. In his words (paraphrased slightly but generally on par with what he actually said), "I have friends in the police force. I want to scare the crap out of this person." hehe I love my dad.

Moving on.

We had a thunder / lightning storm this evening in Nashville, and it was beautiful. I had the misfortune of having to drive in it, but it gave me a chance to sit on the side of the road in awe for a little while.

At first, the lightning was hidden by clouds, and whenever there was a spark, the whole sky would brighten as if it were day, the light reflecting off of the clouds for the briefest of seconds. After a little while, little bolts peppered the skyline every 10 seconds or so, and echoes of rolling thunder rumbled through the air. There were even some close enough to shake my car a little. In fact, when I saw a lightning bolt that I thought was particularly close, I closed my eyes and started counting. One, one thousand... BOOM!! Less than a mile away. Brilliant. Absolutely, gloriously brilliant.

I've always loved the rain, and nothing lulls me to sleep more quickly than a rolling thunderstorm. It's always been a complete mystery to me why people fear a little rain, but I guess it's because I've never experienced the ill effects of this particular sort of natural phenomenon. I see lightning bolts as gorgeous and exciting (See left: Obviously, God doesn't like the Hilton building in downtown Nashville. Can you blame Him?), and, while they are extremely destructive, I can't help but revel in the awesomeness of it all. The power located in that single tendril of life is just... wow. Nature is so COOL.

Ok. Geek-out moment complete. I just felt the need to express my love of storms. :)

Because of this post, I was a bit remiss in doing today's writing exercise. Whoops. Expect it to be posted around 2pm.

Today's writing exercise: The Whos and Whats of a well-used $5 bill.

Come back at 2pm to check it out! :)



JujuJuniper said…
That's actually not Dad's car at all. It's not the same model. Dad's is a 1999, and the lights are different. You're welcome.
Stef said…
Oh psh...... Not important. It was a Corvette; that's all that matters, you goober.
FictionGroupie said…
I love thunderstorms, too (except when they are the tornado kind, which here is dallas happens far too often). But there is definitely something relaxing and magical about rain.

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