Exercise #37 - "Gobbledyghuk"

This is an exercise to explore the pure sound and rhythm of language. Ideally, the music of language reinforces its meaning. You are a translator of Gobbledyghuk, which you speak perfectly. Your task is to translate the following lines.

"Philadelphia, I was told in New York, was so slow that it was safe for people to fall out windows-- they just wafted down like gossamer..."*

"There he is, in all his glory, Brad Pitt, that beautiful, chiseled chunk of celebrity manhood."**

"Mrs Tittlemouse was a most terrible tidy particular little mouse, always sweeping and dusting the soft sandy floors. Sometimes a beetle lost its way in the passages. "Shuh! Shuh! Little dirty feet!" said Mrs Tittlemouse, clattering her dust-pan.***

* P. Gibbs, People of Destiny
**Desson Howe, The Washington Post 10/1999
*** Beatrix Potter, The Tale of Mrs Tittlemouse

Ok... I'm not entirely sure what I'm supposed to do with this one. Am I supposed to translate into Gobbledyghuk? And if so, what is this business about the rhythm of language? Is it supposed to sound kind of like the English language in its meter? I'm really confused. An example would have been nice, methinks.

So... What to do?

Wait, didn't I already do an exercise nearly exactly like this?

Uh... Ok.

As a result, I will take this day off from the writing exercises. hehe To make up for it, however, I think I'll post a review of the new game, Batman: Arkham Asylum. I personally have not played it (to be explained in my post), but I've watched nearly 100% of the gameplay while my roommate, Andy, made his way through the puzzles and brawls. Anyways, expect that around 2pm. It will be a doozy. :)



Anonymous said…
"There he is, in all his glory, Brad Pitt, that beautiful, chiseled chunk of celebrity manhood."**

Bewharm gooly frew an slyke, Brad Pitt, boolig an frooling nardle slarm mawhoo.

Mai zre, zre Jennifer Aniston. E marm me harto. Hortly kardwiffle, Jolie, jarring roon. Horto!

"On a break."

Stef said…
hahaha Thank you, Anton, for fulfilling the requirements of this exercise for me. You're pretty great. :) Now I don't feel as badly about not doing it.
Anonymous said…
And as a special advantage, this post now pretty much owns the search term " Bewharm gooly" on Google.
Stef said…
Niiiiiiice. It would seem that you have done me a service. What's your charging price?? Wait. I'm poor and cannot pay you. I can smile at you, though! How does that work for payment?
Anonymous said…
Nothing. I just checked. "Bewharm gooly" didn't take. Damn Google, and their real words policy!

They can go fruge themselves wisdedays.
JujuJuniper said…
Ooooooh! Fruge! I'm going to use that today.

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