Exercise #8: "Textures"
This exercise is to heighten your awareness of fine detail. Take each and every item of clothing you are wearing right now and describe its texture. What is it like? How is it different from the others? What does it remind you of?

brown camisole -- I remember when this shirt used to be soft. I mean, it's still soft, but it has those little bumps on the fabric that are mysteriously formed in the washing / drying machine that make it feel rough in certain places. It's a slinky synthetic material - not nearly as substantial as cotton but not as flimsy as silk - but I feel covered in it, modest. The fabric is stretchy and pliant, fitting snugly against my body but loosely enough so that I don't feel self conscious.

turquoise sweater vest -- This is one of my favorite items of clothing. Not only is it one of my favorite colors (turquoise), but it is just so comfortable!! It's a knit fabric with ribbing on the neckline. If I knew any knitting terms, I'm sure I'd say something like "The rest of the vest is a knit 2 / purl 2 pattern, etc, etc, etc." But I don't know anything about knitting. The only thing I can really say is that it's a pretty pattern that kind of makes obtuse v's gong up and down my sides and back. Either way, it's a thick fabric so it keeps me warm in cold weather or in a chilly room, but it breathes enough to be wearable during the summer. I've always thought it matched really well with the brown camisole, so this outfit is a frequent ensemble for me.

grey jeans -- These are your average pair of jeans, but they're not those silly "skinny" jeans. They have room at the ankle, and barely touch the floor as I walk. That's why the backs of the ankle are frayed, but that's how I like it. They fit snugly, like my camisole, but they're loose enough to where I feel comfortable. There's no "muffin top" nonsense going on here! The back pockets have really pretty embroidery on them, but... I can't really see it at the moment and haven't committed the embroidery to memory so I can't describe that part to you. Just take my word for it that it's pretty. It's probably something like little swirls of lighter colored string or something.

Um... I'm not really up for sharing the info about my undergarments, so I'll leave those your imagination... or... to not think about at all. Because that would be creepy. Ew.

Well, that's it for today!
See you tomorrow,


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