"Smells of Things That Don't Smell (Much)"

Exercise #5: "Smells of Things That Don't Smell (Much)"
What is the smell of the following:
  • the moon -- dirt ... and cheese (thank you, childhood ideals); so... dirty cheese?
  • sadness -- flowers, particularly ones that are used in funeral arrangements; salt and cedar
  • a child's joy in watching a soap bubble -- soapy, of course, with a hint of strawberries
  • grief -- very similar to sadness, except the aroma is much more pungent... maybe with the bite of iron smell
  • cowardice -- tart and onion-y
  • snow -- cotton candy!
  • velcro -- plastic-y
  • a nasty letter -- spicy, but not the good kind of spice that flavors food well... This is the stuff that makes your eyes water and clears out every single sinus passageway when you take a whiff.
  • silver -- clean and pure, like a metallic version of that "clean linen" smell that they make into candles
  • mystery -- musty, like you've just stepped into an attic that hasn't had a single human visitor in several years; an old, leather trunk full of clues
  • sand -- shrimp, crab, seafood; dead fish; you know that sea smell...
  • a sidewalk in summer -- freshly cut grass, dirt, lemonade (and the little plastic dixie cups)
  • the middle of the Earth -- tar, smoke, rank
  • purple -- fruity but super sweet, no tartness
  • a contented dog napping -- puppy farts (Cocoa always pooted when she napped... hehe)
  • a cloudless spring sky -- clean wind, a vast field of sunflowers, yum
  • gold -- You know, I can't really think of anything for this one...
  • a dollar bill -- paper, dirt, salt, my wallet (depending on whether it's been in there or not), leather (depending on what kind of wallet it's been in)
Once you've finished, notate the three you like the best.

I'll pick the ones that, while thinking of them, I found most evocative:
  • a sidewalk in summer
  • a contented dog napping
  • mystery
Tomorrow's exercise is going to be... weird. hehe I'll give you an idea: I'm supposed to create a dialogue using a made up language... Good gracious.



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